Dolphin Bites Girl At Seaworld

Garrett Montgomery | December 3, 2012 | 0 Comments More

A young girl visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida was bitten by a dolphin while she was attempting to feed the animal.

Jillian Thomas along with a group of tourists stood next to a tank where almost a dozen dolphins lined up to receive pieces of fish.

In a video posted on Youtube by the 8-year-old kid’s father – she can be seen feeding the mammals couple of times when one of them jumped out of the water grabbed the plastic plate she was holding and bit her hand and arm.

The child was left with a very swelled hand and two bite marks.

Jillian Thomas said that she was really scared and imagined that the sea creature was going to either rip off her arm or drag her in the pool.

Her parents Jamie Thomas and Amy Thomas told CNN that they felt hopeless as the animal attacked their child and is angry at the theme park’s staff for several reasons:

One – they did not insist that the plates had to stay on the wall otherwise the animals would jump after them.

Two – they did not take the matter seriously, the child received no medical attention – he had to ask for bandages.

The Thomas family will not file a lawsuit against SeaWorld.

SeaWorld issued a statement saying that they do not plan to make any changes because they have given clear clear instructions their guests on how to feed the animals and it is not their fault if they do not listen.

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