Diane Sawyer Mourns Mike Nichols

November 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Diane Sawyer mourns at Mike Nichols’ wake along with dozens of celebrities. Sawyer, who is mourning her late husband Nichols, took part in a moving ceremony at the Unitarian Church of All Souls, which was attended by Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm.

Diane Sawyer mourns

Diane Sawyer mourns Mike Nichols with friends and family. The emotional tribute took place during a wake held at Manhattan’s Unitarian Church of All Souls. The service was lead by Rev Galen Guengerich on Saturday.

The legendary and EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner) director passed away on Wednesday evening at the age of 83 after a heart attack.

The German director, producer and actor leaves behind three children, Daisy, Max and Jenny, and four wonderful grandchildren. On Saturday, a handful of family members and friends, gathered at the nearby Frank Campbell home for a funeral for Mike Nichols.

Sawyer dressed in a black dress and matching coat, arrived at the gathering accompanied by her stepson, Max Nichols. Numerous celebrities gathered to mourn the talented director.

Some of the famous faces included Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm.

Other mourners, who were seen comforting Diane Sawyer, included Whoopi Goldberg, Gayle King, Caroline Kennedy, Candace Bergin, Ellen Barkin, Lesley Stahl and Cynthia McFadden.

Diane Sawyer is also mourning the loss of her 94-year-old mother, Jean, who passed away in Louisville, Kentucky, last month. Sawyer was not bothered by reporters as she exited the church.

But Rev Galen Guengerich did make a brief statement saying that Sawyer “is doing well.” Oprah‘s best friend, Gayle King, explained that it was a beautiful event. King said:

“It was a beautiful tribute. People were walking away from conversations elevated. It was a gathering of love.”

Through out the week, several reporters have taken to Twitter to send love and support to Sawyer. Christiane Amanpour wrote:

“We mourn the loss of a great, great artist, and a good man. Condolences to Diane Sawyer and his family.”

Katie Couric tweeted:

“So sad to learn of the death of Mike Nichols. My heart goes out to Diane, their families & everyone who marveled in his brilliance”

Diane Sawyer, who was married to Mike Nichols for more than 26 years, spoke about the first time they met in an interview few months ago. The newscaster said it was love at first sight. She told Harper’s Bazaar:

“I knew before he spoke, I knew before he was walking across the room.I knew something was happening, and maybe it’s that beautiful hallmark. Cue the violins? But I knew my life was changing.”

In 2012, Mike Nichols who directed Closer, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Graduate revealed in an interview that Diane Sawyer saved him.

In 1986, when Sawyer met Nichols, he had suffered a minor heart issue that left him addicted to Halcion, depressed, and delusional. Nichols had the following to say about the former ABC News anchor:

“My life began at 54. I had loved other women before, but not like this.”

He added:

“True love made Pinocchio a real boy. It really happened, because she loves me and accepts things about me I can’t imagine anyone accepting. I was astounded — I kept saying, ‘Me?’ I thought there wasn’t enough of me for a whole person.”

Diane Sawyer mourns her husband as the world mourns an irreplaceable talent.


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