Diane Kruger Goes Topless: Actress Diane Kruger Breaks The Internet With Hot Topless Photos

May 13, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Diane Kruger goes topless, and of course, the sexy vacation picture snapped in Mexico has the internet buzzing. This is the second hot topless photo that Diane Kruger has posted in less than one week – the first one was in New York.

Diane Kruger goes topless

Diane Kruger goes topless in an attempt to break the Internet like Kim Kardashian. Kruger, who works in three countries – Germany, France and America – is currently enjoying some much-needed vacation in Mexico (don’t be surprised if she starts making movies there too.)

Miss Kruger, who might or might not be in Mexico with her significant other, Joshua Jackson, posted a snapshot on social media where she is topless sporting a pair of black bikini bottoms and admiring a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Kruger captioned the topless Instagram photo: “Sunset.”

In a recent interview, Diane Kruger confessed that when she is on holiday in a tropical place, she loves to go skinny-dipping with her boyfriend of almost ten years. She stated:

“Look, it gets so hot in the summer, it’s like 80 degrees at night, and you’re in the middle of nature… wouldn’t you?”

Last week, Diane Kruger went topless in another selfie, which was taken in New York. The talented actress unveiled a picture of herself getting her hair done by Perrine Rougemont, and she was topless, and she used a large bouquet to hide her breasts.

Diane Kruger goes topless again

Kruger captioned the pic:

“Secondly…have the best hair stylist in the world fly to NY just for you and do her magic ! No one can beat Perrine Rougemont ! We’ve been working together for 20 years (I wish this was a joke) and I trust her with my eyes closed @perrinerougemonthair.”

Despite her busy schedule, Kruger will be a the 2015 Cannes Film Festival for the Alice Winocour-directed drama, Maryland; the 38-year-old actress has been busy posting throwback photos of herself.

Diane Kruger, who is famous for stunning red carpet looks, shared an awkward photo of herself at the age of 15 winning a beauty pageant in Germany. She explained:

This is me at 15, winning the “Look of the Year modeling award in Germany”…HOW you might ask ? I really don’t know…maybe that year baby face with too much make up and crooked teeth was in style ? Maybe they were playing a cruel joke on me ?? Whoever picked me…thanks for the Vespa I won and the life that opened up to me !!!! All you awkward looking girls out there !!!! SOMEONE thinks you’re pretty !!!

Diane Kruger goes topless, and the world is smiling.

What are your thoughts on Kruger topless pictures?


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  1. Arthur says:

    Who put that plant there and ruined this perfect picture?
    Lucky Parcey.

  2. Sheddy Draws says:

    Wood pee in her butt.

  3. Oliver says:

    @Sheddy, man you go really go hard, but I feel you. She has a little je ne sais quoi that brings people to her.

    I would become German, just to get her to speak in tongue, I mean French and English.

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