Demi Lovato Is ‘1% African’ And Twitter Has 99 Problems With Her Saying It

February 25, 2017 | By Olivia S. More

Demi Lovato 1% African Controversy

Pop music sensation Demi Lovato did a DNA test, and she discovered something fascinating about her ancestry, she is 1% African.

The 24-year-old New Mexico native was very happy about her finding and was quick to share the news with her followers on social media.

As it is with everything these days, the tweet rubbed some people the wrong way and created a mini-controversy. Political correctness is eating itself, and no one knows where to draw the lines anymore.

The hashtag “1% African” has been trending on Twitter for the past few hours. Thankfully, most people saw what Lovato was trying to convey as positive and rushed to her defense.

In a world with a lot of complicated problems, one music star who is 1% African should not rank high on the list.

For what it is worth, the “Skyscraper” singer is 85% European; this is something her critics were quick to focus on. After saying that some people on the social networking website “are mean af” and “Twitter sucks,” Lovato did offer a semi-apology to those that were offended.

The mental health advocate has been very busy lately promoting her new documentary, Beyond Silence. She served as executive producer on the project.

Lovato, who is bipolar, has used her celebrity status to push for more awareness. She even made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention in July to bring the matter to a larger audience.

In January, the diva slammed President Donald Trump on Twitter for dividing the country around party lines instead of looking for common ground after he mocked Democratic leaders for opposing his so-called Muslim ban.

As Lovato is discovering this weekend with her “1% African” DNA test result, good intentions are not enough to unite a country that is divided at every level.

Hopefully, this setback will not discourage her from trying.


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