Deer jumps through school window in New Jersey

March 4, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A deer jumps through a school window and disrupts a class, all to the amusement of students. Staff members and pupils at the North Arlington Middle School in New Jersey watched the deer break through a window, run around before being tranquilized by animal control officials.

Deer jumps through school window

A deer jumps through a school window and, of course, the story goes viral. Friday, the students and staff members of the North Arlington Middle School were faced with a very strange sight – a male deer leaping through a window.

According to countless witnesses, the one-year-old buck broke the window and even left some fur behind. The animal entered in a small office where it made quite a commotion by running around and knocking over a water cooler and other pieces of furniture including a desk and a chair.

After creating chaos, the deer went on to bust a wall as it was trying to get back out. Many North Arlington middle schoolers and staff members snapped pictures and filmed the unusual scene.

Numerous parents, who were at the school to pick up their children, also stuck around to see the spectacle. One young student said:

“My teacher was just freaking out so I come down and all I see is that window open with a deer…with a buck…so I’m just like ‘oh! Ok – what is happening here?”

One teacher explained it was a little hands-on education from Mother Nature and added:

“There was a lot of kids basically got scared. Right through that window over there you can see hair on it and the hoof prints on it. It went right through the window. Scared our staff that was inside and our dean of students locked the door. Closed the door when it ran into the office.”

The incident occurred while the students were in the middle of being dismissed from school, so no one was hurt. Police and Bergen County animal control officers arrived at the school and sedated the large doe. Animal control covered it with a blanket and transported it out of the school. It is not known where the deer was taken.

What are your thoughts on the deer that jumped through a school window?


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