Deadliest Catch Reveal: Drug Reveal Marks Turning Point For Captain Elliott Neese On Discovery Channel Show

May 22, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Deadliest Catch‘s big reveal included Captain Elliott Neese leaving Saga for rehab to battle his drug and alcohol addiction and a crew going through Typhoon Nuri.

Elliott Neese

Deadliest Catch‘s drug reveal is not that surprising, but Captain Elliott Neese‘s decision to enter rehab is. In the newest episode of Deadliest Catch, the men on Saga learned that while they could handle Typhoon Nuri, they were no match for Captain Elliott Neese.

The cameras of the Discovery Channel show caught Neese trying to have a private conversation with his crew. After discovering that he was being filmed, as always he got into a fight and threatened the cameramen.

Following the heated exchange, the captain turned over the boat to relief captain Jeff Folk and decided to work on the deck where things went from bad to worse. Another brawl took place between Neese and Folk over the fact that the relief captain was too slow at locating the switch for the deck lights.

The argument led to Neese pitching a bottle, and that is when everyone on the boat understood that their leader needed help. Unable to fight his drug and alcohol addiction and incapable of handling his anger issues, the Deadliest Catch star went to rehab in California. Via Twitter, he explained:

“To everyone yea I had issues but went to passages Malibu for 60 days and have a new outlook on things now!Hate all you want but I’m above it. All you people out there only see what DC wants! There are worse things going on on other boats but they just choose to expose my hardships.”

While he was at it, he defended himself for always appearing as a villain on the reality show. “I just watched the trailer for tonight, its like Im watching fiction cuz that’s not how it went down its TV they gotta get ratings,” he claimed.

Jeff Conroy, executive producer for Original Productions, gave his thoughts on the big reveal. He shared:

“Knowing what’s going on, you look at that and go, “This is a person with a real problem.” He’s at that point where he doesn’t want to fully face it. Last year, the stuff we had with him going to rehab — the things he says in the car are shocking. He’s talking to his dad about drug use and [saying] “I don’t have a problem.” That’s the point: He’s not thinking clearly. Something is inhibiting the way he thinks and changing his judgment to a point where it’s not rational.”

Fans are hoping that Deadliest Catch will go on and that Neese’s attitude and drug issues will be resolved with the help of his father.

What do think of Deadliest Catch‘s big drug reveal?


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  1. K Tucey says:

    Passages Malibu? That’s the place on TV where the guy, Pax, states he was an addict for 10 years and now he’s not? If you’re an addict, you’re always an addict. That’s right up there with an alcoholic stating they can have a drink now and again. Elliot is an idiot and a dangerous one at that. Not sorry to see him go.

    • leslie says:

      I agree with you 100%. Passages Malibu is a rehab for people with money to go and get a break from life, the place is a big joke. I know from experience that once your an addict your always one, its a fight I will be fighting for the rest of my life.

      • Bob says:

        I’m a recovering addict & alcoholic with 34 years and I went though AA & NA and still am. Passages Malibu is a bunch of BS. I just wonder how many stay clean and sober?

        • AA Cult says:

          And pray tell, how do you know what the rate of recovery is for AA & NA? Have you even looked into WHAT the treatment program for Passages is? Or is it just because it isn’t a part of the cult of AA & NA that you are against it?

          • Joe H says:

            AA isn’t a part of or against any rehab facility. It doesn’t really matter and rate of recovery can’t really be measured you idiot because addiction never really goes away. My wife is an alcoholic that hasn’t drank in 2 1/2 years. She went to an out patient and goes to AA meetings at least twice per week. Regardless of what you believe about AA she hasn’t relapsed once. You cult comment is off base for sure and I would know. Now go on with your hater life

          • AA Cult says:

            @Joe H
            Apparently you have never attended a rehab facility. The whole process is run by AA’ers and revolves around AA’s 12-steps so to say that it isn’t a part of or against any rehab facility is looking at it from a purely on-the-surface viewpoint. Just because they don’t run it openly saying that it is an AA facility does not mean that it isn’t. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck…

          • AA Cult says:

            @Joe H
            I TRULY am happy for you and your wife. Just be aware that there ARE other ways if AA doesn’t work for her.

          • Brittany says:

            Just so you know Promises takes their clients to AA meetings multiple times throughout the week. So even they feel AA/NA is helpful…..even if on their commercial they want to sound new age and claim not to be a 12 step program.

          • Brittany says:

            I just re read post….I meant Passages not Promises…sorry.

      • daddysboy says:

        passages malibu is an amazing place and you do not have to be rich to go there, I have seen people pay out of pocket and also many who were there covered completely by insurance that do not have rich families. If you think a place that treats people based on their individual needs and situation while saving countless lives is a joke then shame on you. If you want to spend the rest of your life identifying as an addict even though you are off drugs then go ahead, I choose to learn from my mistakes and fill my time with healthy fullfilling activities that make me happy. Judge away, you seem to have it all figured out.

    • Bob G says:

      I totally agree. I guess we are from the same program. Most people that don’t have an addictive personality can’t relate to total abstinence. I don’t know if 60 days is long enough either.
      Especially in an environment that tells you your cured. We’ll see.

      • Bob says:

        It’s not you need AA & NA meetings.

        • AA Cult says:

          It’s not you need 21st century scientifically proven medicine and treatment from doctors. Not 20th century faith healers.

        • daddysboy says:

          tell someone who you have no knowledge of what they need…. sounds like you have it all figured out too

      • daddysboy says:

        everyone is different and since you do not know everyone with an addiction problem claiming to have the answer for all of them is idiotic. why dont we just give everyone with mental illness a lobotomy that worked well in the 17th century right?

    • rob edwards says:

      Nailed it!

    • Brent Edwards says:

      AMEN!! Pax is an addict whether he admits it or not. I was an addict for 10 years and now clean for 4 1/2. 3 ODs and being resuscitated 2 times on the last one. Had my intervention in ICU while strapped to the bed! Elliot only contributed to the Church of Scientology. More money than sense!!

      • AA Cult says:

        If you keep defining yourself as an addict how are you supposed to move on in life instead of living in the past?

        • Laurie says:

          I agree with you. Happy to see him reach out for help. It’s one of the hardest things he will ever do. He doesn’t need your criticism and snide comments, try compassion for once. Elliot Neese, praying for you, hope you are able to get it together.

          • AA Cult says:

            It truly is one of the hardest things he will ever do. And the lack of sympathy from some of these comments really is shocking. What disturbs me even more though is the lack of EMPATHY from these AA & NA worshipers who know EXACTLY what he is going through but would rather criticize him because they have been brainwashed into thinking that their way is the only way.

    • Roger Wormwood says:

      I’m not sorry to see him go either. It’s only a matter of time before he gets someone killed. He’s a punk wanna-bee. right on about passages Malibu.(I think Pax is a girl btw) And gotta love how Elliot puffs away on that fake cig…his real character shows up when he tries to duck the cops who were trying to serve him with papers for child support. THATS the REAL ELLIOTT Neese- period

      • Roger Wormwood says:

        and lets not forget the time when this idiot nearly got the whole crew killed when a rogue wave slammed them…Elliott wasn’t even watching…he was fighting with Val on the phone. He’s a joke…a dangerous joke

    • Bill says:

      Passages and Pax must be some sick joke moneymaker.
      I had 20 years and went back out. This was before it was a big business. I went into a regular hospital with intensive therapy. I made a concious decision to go back out…couldn’t handle the world and that was with AA. I’m no kid and the last 10 years have been hell. Drug and alcohol addiction.
      This Neese kid needs some real failure and help.
      I’m not back yet and I’m retired, have money and am still scared.
      This Pax guy is doing a real disservice to addicts everywhere but it would be nice to tap his bank account to really send people for help.

      • AA Cult says:

        I suggest looking into scientific treatments and not restricting yourself to just AA & NA. There are plenty of new medical drugs and treatment plans from doctors to keep addicts from using. It is the 21st century, we need to stop using 20th century faith healers to solve real problems.

        • Dave Mcadams says:

          Try IBOGAINE it works I did it in 07.Google IBOGAINE
          you can find out all about it.

      • daddysboy says:

        what exactly do you know about “this neese kid” or pax for that matter? if you had any idea what you were talking about you would eat those words. If you want to talk about a real joke consider AA, it takes a group of millions of people with all different types and levels of problems and gives them one set of directions to go by… since every single person is different maybe a more individualized treatment plan makes more sense. Maybe being treated like a human being makes more sense. Maybe someone who invested millions and millions of dollars so that people can feel comfortable instead of like they are being punished and receive individual treatment plans by a team of creditted professionals deserves a little return on his investment and a little credit for all of the lives hes saved or at least tried to. This is the exact problem with what has been going on, people with substance abuse issues get labeled for life and told that they are powerless over their issue and its simply not true. Yes, people are predispositioned to have those sorts of problems but those people are not all the same, nor are their problems, and therefore one treatment plan for all of them makes no sense. I know for a fact that pax is passionate about helping people and has saved lives and put together a great facility that anyone with these types of issues should look into. AA and NA help tons of people and for that I cannot fault it but having said that it needs to be revisited for the same reason freedom of religion, speech and individualism are what make this country so great compared to so many others.

  2. Joseph C. says:

    Love the show have watched it for years but that Boy is classic his actions and talk do not leave much doubt as to his problems
    I would not step foot on his boat tied up to the dock little alone go out on the Bering Sea with his crazzzy Ass! We recognize each other.
    35 yrs active alcoholism, 24 yrs Sober. all he has to do is get honest and stay that way and 60 days Don’t get er Done just saying.

    • Bob G says:

      Celebrated 20 years on Jan 25th. Amen Brother.

    • Tacks Sherbo says:

      Congratulations, Joseph. I have no doubt people appreciate your efforts and your courage. Elliott was difficult to watch the first time he appeared. His foul mouth was not only disgusting, but his blaming everyone else for his problems, except himself, was beyond my ability to tolerate his whining. He assigned more importance to the contents of his shorts than the lives of his crew. I wish his rehab to be successful, but the show does NOT need his kind of self-pity or sense of entitlement. Those are personality flaws, and not a result of addiction.

  3. leslie says:

    Passages Malibu, ha what a joke, I know from experience that when your addict you are always gonna be an addict. He should of kept that to hisself about going there cause everyone is gonna know that hes not taking it serious!

    • AA Cult says:

      How about moving on and not letting your past define who you are now? As long as you don’t use then why keep reminding yourself of the things that held you down for so long? Should people that get out of prison call themselves ex-prisoners for the rest of their life?

      • Really says:

        They do, they call themselves ex-cons…….just sayn

        • AA Cult says:

          Your absolutely right Really. I got my analogies all mixed up. Thank you 🙂

          I should have said, should someone say “Once a prisoner always a prisoner.”

    • daddysboy says:

      leslie… seriously? have you ever been there? the reason addiction can even be considered a disease is because of the fact that certain people have genetic predisposition to it. Submitting to the idea that you are an addict when you have not touched a substance in decades is ludacris. What are you addicted to if you havent touched anything in years? Passages is far from a joke, it is a high quality establishment that employs professionals of the best kind and gives each patient an individualized treatment plan that is put together by a team of doctors and other therapists. Yes it can be seen as luxurious because they want people to feel like human beings while they are struggling with the some of the hardest things imaginable while also meeting with professionals one on one at least 4 times a day while having access to other fun, healthy, and recovery oriented activities in order to be exposed to an amazing side of life that does not involve substances. This leaves the patient with a pleathora of tools to use once they are ready to be on their own rather than just sitting around with a bunch of people that are all at different stages of recovery with different problems which, from my experience can be triggering, counterproductive, and a huge waste of time. I feel sad for you, try exploring some options that may help you to discover who you were before you decided on the label addict. Meditation, surfing, martial arts, and other forms of excercise work well for me.

  4. leslie says:

    Addiction is a fight I will be fighting for the rest of my life! And one I am winning and will continue to win, 🙂

    • luke says:

      Same here Hun struggle about everyday especially a night :(. It would be nice to know I am done.

  5. Johanna says:

    I never liked Elliott. Bragging on himself every time the camera was pointed at him got OLD! He can’t compare to Sig, Phil, Keith, Wild Bill, Johnathan and Andy, not even close. They are true leaders; Elliott is a wimpy, spoiled brat; a legend in his own mind(even worse than Scott C. Jr.). His crew is lucky he hasn’t killed them. I hope he gets victory over his demons and addictions, but if he is never on DC again, I’ll be very happy.

  6. johnny says:

    the saga ? great name for that boat,once he gets things right he will undersand how lucky he is and his thinking will change for the better !good luck elliott,its a battle !

  7. Dan says:

    A brawl is more like a fist fight. I didn’t see that at all on either of the two most recent episodes that showed his issues. He didn’t hit Folk with a bottle. Stop being so dramatic and get your facts straight. From the deck, Neese threw a half full plastic water bottle at the wheelhouse. It hit the wheelhouse. Not Folk. Come on man.

  8. richard w. m. says:

    what is this? if he stopped, he stopped. i can’t stand this my rehab/program/god is better than your rehab/program/god. shot heroin for 24 years and quit 8 years ago. no rehab, program, 12 commandments. inner strength comes from you, not passages, aa , or na. 60 days is 60 better than 0 days. if your still that wrapped up in your addiction, son, your not better yet. clean up your own back yard, let him clean up his.

    • matt j.f. says:

      to Richard w.m. I have a problem and I don’t know what to do its starting to consume everything and I don’t have anybody to ask or even family that can help all I have is my daughter and she doesn’t know and shes too young to let her know icant ask her mom were exes amicable but exes I don’t know what to do

      • BenDare Dundat says:


        Most rehab facilities will hand you an AA book and start you going to meetings. Some people need 30,60 or 90 away from everything to detox and reprogram but that is not a requirement and not necessary for everyone. The only requirement for AA is a desire to stop and it sounds like you qualify. You don’t even have to be sober when you show up, Just show up!!! I can’t imagine what I would have put my daughter through if it was not for AA and NA. She will graduate college within weeks and I will see her this weekend. Don’t loose time with yours. Get a schedule on line by Googling AA in your area and go to several meetings at different locations. Each one is unique in atmosphere. Get a sponsor even if you grab someone temporary until you find the best one for you. Someone with some sober time will know the best meetings to attend. You can change sponsors anytime and nobody gets hurt. Stay away from the people and meetings that are not serious and just playing around.

        This approach is totally free. Even the most expensive rehab facility on earth cannot do for you what a good sponsor can. Most every dedicated AA or NA member will tell you that helping others is how they stay clean. Don’t wait until something really bad forces you. You will get a lot more respect from everybody and a lot better results if you take the first steps by choice as a matter of your own desire. Trust me when you hear that the alternative is jails, hospitals, institutions and death it is the truth.

        When Christmas comes around you want your daughter singing “Feliz Navidad” not “Police GotMyDad”

        • CMori says:

          BenDare – great suggestions and advice and thank you for stepping up for the guy. As a child of a destructive alcoholic father I got to see what can happen and feel what its like to not be put first in his life. I truly hope that MATT takes your advice and gets some help. I hope he realizes that a great father doesn’t need to be perfect, he just needs to be there trying.
          Love to you all.

      • richard w. m. says:

        matt j.f. let me state first, i am not a therapist, counselor, or doctor.
        i will not tell you what to do and if i do don’t listen. i will, however, tell you my story. not in a public environment. email me at trollreject if you are serious and i’ll share my life. take what you want, throw the rest in the garbage.

      • Vicchic says:

        Just find an AA meeting. Look up online. Meetings are all over the USA and the world. People there will give you direction. Peace

      • AA Cult says:

        @matt j.f.

        Talk to your medical doctor. Ask about new medicines and treatment plans. For example if you are a heroin addict ask about Suboxone. Most people will try to have you believe that AA & NA are the only ways to stop. They are NOT the only ways. Talk to your doctor.

    • Todd Woodruff says:

      Amen Richard. I’ve been an alcoholic for 35 years. The last 5 sober. I can’t say I haven’t had a drink, but I haven’t relapsed either. I have had a beer or 2 on occasion and then never one again for 6-8 months. It’s all about your inner strength. If you want to stop you can.

    • AA Cult says:

      Totally agree richard w. m.
      It’s because of the cult mentality that AA & NA forms that makes people think that their way is the ONLY way. Enough with the nonsense already.

      • Laurie says:

        I went to one NA meeting, my daughter was in rehab at the time…I had to leave, it was so depressing and made me want to start using something! She did not do well in AA or NA, has been clean since 2009.

        • AA Cult says:

          I TRULY am happy for you that your daughter is doing well, Laurie. Right on! 🙂

          I’ve had friends who did not do well in AA or NA who weren’t as lucky. They thought it was the only way and didn’t make it. They got caught up in the endless loop of shame and guilt that the 12 step groups are, with their calls for people to wear the scarlet letter of A for Addict for the rest of their lives. The groups shame people for taking medically prescribed drug treatments from doctors that would take away the cravings to use.

          Our society even goes so far as to make attendance at them Court ordered in some cases, and being that most addicts inevitably end up in the justice system, what hope do they have if our government isn’t going to MEDICALLY treat them using SCIENCE. If it’s a disease, then it should be treated medically with MEDICINE and PROFESSIONAL counseling. Not this Faith-healing mumbo-jumbo. Enough already!

          Sorry to be preaching to the choir Laurie, but it gets me mad enough to rant…as you can tell 🙂

  9. Mike says:

    Elliott Neese is his own worst enemy. His first wife no doubt had some pretty valid reasons for throwing him out. That said I hope he can successfully battle his demons. But his crew has to depend on him being straight and being on the crab to make a living. They shouldn’t have to put up with his issues. They have families to feed and lives that depend on Elliott keeping them safe and on the crab.

    • daddysboy says:

      if you knew anything about what you are talking about you would know that it is far from rare for people in his industry to have these types of problems and it rarely prevents them from working. furthermore you would also know that he is one of the best crabbers in a world in terms of production and not only does he keep his crew safe but also saved a crew of 6 I believe who`s captain landed them on a rock and sunk their ship. Before you go ripping people apart maybe you should check the facts and realize that Elliott worked his way up from the bottom and became a captain, one of the best in the world, has risked his own life to save others more times than anyone knows about, and should not be judged by people who are not only clueless about the facts but obviously know nothing about addiction or reality tv for that matter because I am sure the tv show is where all of your so called info is coming from. You should check out housewives if you want to learn about marriage and women to continue your practice of learning about the world.

  10. SJM says:

    I don’t watch when Neese is on the program. I don’t even watch when the Saga crew comes on. I prefer to get up and walk away for a few. I have long ago developed sincere distain for watching someone spiral out of control in the name of entertainment. Hate? No, that is an emotion for someone who has feelings (good or bad) about something or someone. Him and his issues? I could care less.

  11. Dan K says:

    Good riddance to Elliott. I agree with everyone else on him getting treatment at a resort where he’s probably hooked on methadone to curb his withdrawals. And then he’s yelling at the camera guy and actin like he’s a badass. No one wants to see him on television again

    • AA Cult says:

      Although I do not agree with the use of methadone because of it’s many negative effects, please explain to me why using a drug like Suboxone or some other drug like it to curb withdrawals and cravings is a bad thing?

    • daddysboy says:

      not true, if you were there you would know.

    • daddysboy says:

      oh and by the way yelling at a camera guy does not make you badass, however being Elliott Neese does. If you knew a thing about him you would retract that statement. not to mention his job is probably hard enough without having to manuever around camera men who have never set foot on a boat.

  12. Beth S. says:

    It is illegal to drive a car drunk, why does Neese still have boat license? You know if he’s piloting the Saga drunk and/or high, he driving a car that way, too.

  13. rick says:

    Sorry but the whole thing is waste of time…

  14. sharon says:

    He needs to stay in rehab for a very long, long, time until he gets better and does not put his crew or anyone else in danger. 60 days no more about 6 months. or more. He is sick. And needs some serious mental help too.

    • daddysboy says:

      you are like the guy that crucifies barry bonds for getting caught juicing while ignorantly thinking the rest of the league is clean. not to mention who are you to be prescribing treatment plans and mental health diagnosis? seriously sharon, pick your head up from your desk, walk outside, take a deep breath of fresh air, and get a clue. if you think you can get to know someone well enough to draw those types of conclusions from a reality tv show and the media you obviously need to get out more.

  15. robert m. says:

    Elliot Neese’s attitude and sense of entitlement are a huge reason why I never bothered watching the segments where the ‘Saga’ was featured. He hasn’t been a Captain long enough to appreciate what he had, and now lost. I felt a bit of it rubbing off on Josh Harris as I watched him rebuke Captain Keith Colburn’s offer to help him and the crew of the Cornelia Marie, catch some crab. Josh would do well to listen and follow the advice of the guys who have been doing it as long, and as successfully, as Keith has. Don’t know if Josh was really being that ignorant and full of himself, or if it was drama for the cameras and ratings.

    • Robyn says:

      I have to agree with you. I love the CM and I love their crew but I think Josh was taking it all the wrong way. I dont know many captains that would offer to do what Keith would.

      • G says:

        Keith is an arrogant unreasonable person. The way he’s treated green horns in the past is disgusting and very unprofessional. Josh does well to listen to Casey, not unsolicited advice from Keith as he barges onto Josh’s boat.

    • daddysboy says:

      Let us pretend for a second you know the guy well enough to say that based off watching a show… Ok, even then, even if he did feel entitled maybe it is because he is a self made hard working individual that was put in that position for a reason and if you look at the production stats of crabbing you would see that he has every reason to be captaining that boat. Catching crab is exactly what he does and its a shame that some media jerks had to ruin that for him just so they could make a little extra money themselves through ratings that are fueled by clueless people like you that eat it right up thoughtlessly.

  16. william says:

    every time I see that dumb-ass pax and that stupid commercial I tell my better half who after 30 years of coke and alcohol use saved my life.i mimic pax when he say “I WAS AN ADDICT FOR TEN YEARS AND NOW I’M NOT I SAY BULLSHIT ONCE AN ADDICT ALWAYS AN ADDICT. 4 YEARS SOBER NOW AND ENJOYING LIFE TO THE FULLEST! NO REHAB JUST PURE DETERMINATION TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE!

    • AA Cult says:

      Why keep defining yourself by your past? Why not just say “I know I can’t use drugs or alchohol anymore”? Should people that get out of prison call themselves an Ex-prisoner for the rest of their life?

    • daddysboy says:

      yea put someone down for overcoming their own hardships and then using that experience to help others…. you sound like a real cynical grunt.

  17. scott says:

    For some reason I never cared for Elliott when they showed him on the show. Its not hate or dislike for him as a person but more attitude. Could not put my finger on it. I am surprise as others that he was even allowed to Captain a boat in those dangerous conditions. People are right the crew is dependant on the captain to keep them safe and on the crab as said. Why did not the show, or the other Captains, and the crew do something. People could have been killed. I like the show some but it has become repetitive. Much of the chest puffing is all contrived for the show. They are tough dudes and can handle the elements and that type of work. A picture of health hell no. They all smoke like flippen chimneys is disgusting. Its glad to hear from people who have conquered an addiction, or however its stated and however they accomplished it, I do not care good job.

    • daddysboy says:

      the crew knows who the captain is well before they set foot on the vessel you know….

  18. D.J. says:

    I think in Elliot’s case, any rehab is good for him. He is a young man in a high pressure career with $millions on the line — not to mention the crew’s life in his hands. Add to that the difficulty and heartbreak of being separated from his beautiful kids who clearly love him. No excuse for turning to drugs, but clearly he was too young and not emotionally well enough to deal with all of that on his own. He made a bad choice in leaning on drugs. Hopefully, his rehab stint will put him on the right path mentally and emotionally so that he can cope with all of these responsibilities in a healthy manner. Good luck to you, Elliott. You are NOT the bad guy. Just human.

  19. hhand1961 says:

    The first and most important thing of all is that he will never be on any road to recovery ever, if he dont amit to beaing a junkie to begen with.untill then there is no hope for any chance of any will just be all smoke and mirrows untill then.

    • daddysboy says:

      who are you to say that, do you know the guy? learn how to spell and then learn a lot more before you rip into someone you dont know a thing about. you sound like a moron.

    • daddysboy says:

      and by the way if going to get help isnt admitting to having a problem than what is? the word junkie is derogatory and falsely suggestive also. when are people going to learn that addicts hardly ever fall into your silly stereotypical idea of what one is…. so ignorant….

  20. Mazuti says:

    As stated once an addict always an addict. I have been clean and sober for over 30 years. A rehab program is fine so long as the addict has a follow up plan and outside support, but most of all the correct attitude. Neese’s problem is supreme arrogance typical of some addicts. Really like the show, but if they keep him off no loss there are plenty of real watermen up there.

    • AA Cult says:

      Does “Once a prisoner always a prisoner” make sense to you?

    • daddysboy says:

      seriously… why call it rehab if you are still an addict when you leave? do you still have a torn ligament after surgury? are you still high after you detox? this whole addict thing really needs to go its almost similar to the ignorant belief most of this country shared before we instituted singular waterfountains for everyone to use.

  21. GWC says:

    Dump Elliot. DC you are ruining the show with this idiot. J Harris is dumb enough for the whole fleet. When Meese goes I will be back as a viewer.

    • daddysboy says:

      what a tragedy that would be…. i think they just want to catch crab that is where the majority of their income comes from in case you were not aware

  22. Sandy says:

    I have been an alcoholic & drug addict since I was 14 yrs old I am now approaching 60, just because I am doing neither for the past 15 yrs doesn’t mean I am not an addict.Once an addict always addict.

    • AA Cult says:

      As I’ve stated in posts above, does saying “Once a prisoner always a prisoner” make sense to you? Why define yourself by your past mistakes? How about just saying “I haven’t drank in 15 years and I’m not planning on doing so anytime soon”?

    • daddysboy says:

      what are you addicted to? AA meetings? cause it sounds like you kicked the substances before i graducated elementary school…

  23. WJF56 says:

    Are these Captains not subject to random drug tests to maintain their license?

    With the responsibility that they have to their crew and equipment it would seem that would be so and I wouldn’t think he could pass it.

    • daddysboy says:

      out of all the bs that has been said yours is by far the most irrelevant, i think hes way past failing a drug test have you read any of this at all?

  24. sharon leduc says:

    My favorite scene of Elliot was when he was first introduced to DC. He was sleeping in his cabin and the DC cameraman banged on his door and told to get up. Elliot put the cameraman in his place. Loved it. But that attitude also played into his debacle. Turn that attitude towards recovery and you will get your life back plus greater. It will be more difficult because of the Passages message and goofy Pax. Am sober 42 years. Good luck Elliot. I know Elliot you hate us all.

  25. Wendy Hill says:

    I always questioned that Malibu commercial. Glad to see other people felt the same. I never liked Elliot. Sometimes I couldn’t even understand what he was saying. They have to bleep every other word. I hope he doesn’t talk like that in front of his children. I thought he was trying look like Capt. Phil.
    Dressing like him. The shaking of the leg with flip flops on. If you watch the first season with Elliot, you will see what I mean. DEADLIEST CATCH, Please don’t bring him back. And he was NOT the owner of the SAGA. He was in debt up to his nose, and the only way he got that boat, his father. I really feel bad for him.

    • daddysboy says:

      ever heard the expression dont judge a book by its cover? because you are judging passages based of a 10 second blurb and judging this dude based on what was shown on a reality tv show and his choice of foorwear. you dont definitely dont count, thanks tho

  26. mommie_dearest says:

    Glad Elliot is finally getting the help he needs.

  27. Melissa N says:

    I wish Elliot nothing but the best. I hope he beats his addictions for good this time. I think he is full of himself and talks trash about the other captains who have way more experience than he does. He has to get over this Val chick. She will NEVER take him back and he’s got to get a grip on reality. That’s one of his biggest problems is he thinks she’ll take him back. I think he is arrogant and keeps putting his crew at risk. He should have to take a drug test each time before getting on that boat. He shouldn’t even have a boat license at this point in his life. Personally, I think he is too arrogant to ever totally quit the heroin and cocaine. He thinks he has it under control and that’s dangerous. Hopefully his rehab will work. Good luck Elliot.

    • daddysboy says:

      maybe if they caught as much crab as him than it would be out of line to talk smack but facts are facts.,,, do you know what a hypocrite is? because you just judged him to talking about people he knows in his industry and you are talking about things that you have no clue about…. unless of course you believe what you read in those magazines at the checkout line at the grocery store. if youre one of those, enough said. people keep talking about the crew as if they just get on board with some stranger, these are people that know him and most likely beg in most cases to be in the position that theyre in, its not like anyone forced them to do it. they are trained and perfectly aware of what they are getting themselves into not to mention the copious amounts of drugs they bring with them when they do. you guys need to just think about the reality of the industry and stop listening to mainstream media lies. by the way the guy doesnt even do cocaine and its so sad that people go get help for these issues and finish the programs and its like it never happened because everyone still criticizes them in every way they can think of. haters gonna hate and ainters gonna aint

  28. Chuck H says:

    When Phil Harris passed I thought that DC would not be the same. It still isn’t but it survives. DC will not miss a punk like Elliot.

  29. Dan L says:

    But for the Grace of God… until I accepted my condition was beyond human aid AND sincerely wanted help with my problem, there was little chance of any real change. Details may be different but the story is always the same. I pray Elliott knows desperation, for that is where recovery must always begin for a real alcoholic/addict. Please, Dad, look out for the well being of the Saga’s crew.

  30. Don K. says:

    good luck to Elliott.
    Addiction suck’s,and do i know,glad i am over it.
    Rehabbed at Schick\Shadel,no that is the place to go for help,i have been sober for 5 year’s now,and my friend’s that i met there are sober too,not everyone is,some fail and fail,but the minute you admit to yourself that you have a problem you are almost there.
    Give Elliott a break,if you do not know addiction then you have SH– to say

    • daddysboy says:

      thank you don! at least someone has their head where it should be, right in between your shoulders.

  31. cheryl kerr says:

    please know that a lot of us have gone to rehab I myself did for cocaine from my point of view you must change on the outside as well as on the inside change the people places and things you did before you entered rehab or else failure is the end result love yourself more than those people places and things that cause relapse and know there’s ones out here who will pray for your recovery and most of all love your children if you have any hold them get their strength and go forth and be healed

  32. darylemmit says:

    Elliott, is always a dick… everyone….get help dude

  33. April says:

    If Elliott truly loved his children, he would do everything it took to get and stay clean and sober. I know he has to want it for himself but his love for his kids should motivate him. I love DC but shame on them for letting him take that boat out into open water and putting all the lives (cameramen included)in jeopardy for a couple of ratings points. I wish I had the money to take a 60 day spa retreat in Malibu….rehab, what a laugh.

    • AA Cult says:

      Why is him trying to get help funny to you?
      First in your comment you say “If Elliott truly loved his children, he would do everything it took to get and stay clean and sober.” And then at the end you say “rehab, what a laugh” mocking him for trying to do the very thing you criticize him for not doing in the beginning of your post. Confused or mean?

    • daddysboy says:

      you do realize they cannot film the show and then afterward prevent the boat from going out on the water right? so youre saying they shouldnt have aired it? im confused, it seems once the thing is filmed it would be hard to stop the boat from going out since it would have already happened…. In any case you obviously have no clue what goes on on those boats. Just like the only people that juice in baseball are the ones that get caught right? The fact you had to bring his kids into this shows that you have a serious lack of character and empathy, not to mention knowledge of substance abuse. Go ahead and knock passages, obviously hvaing no knowledge of what goes on there either. Opiate withdrawal is far from a spa retreat no matter if you do it on your bathroom floor or a suite in the ritz. the only joke here is you and your ignorance. Get a clue.

  34. sobernotstupid says:

    Well so much for our traditions. I guess all you people with your years of sobriety and clean time Should be so proud that you can post comments spouting your vast knowledge and speaking on what you talk about the most (yourselves)!!! and in doing so you trample on the very threads that hold us together! This is proof that our diseases are alive and well in all of us! We turn a forum about a person: into a place where we can voice our opinions (spouting them off like they are facts) Last I checked I don’t know what’s good for me or you, so I’m better off keeping my magnifying mind on what’s going on in myself not others. This is why this fellowship need’s to go back underground! To many people who think they know what’s what Last I checked that was God’s job If you want to impress me with your vast knowledge and years of sobriety stop talking about yourself and your fucking time. My experience is I had very little to do with it it’s God’s grace. Time to go back and study tradition’s and make amends by starting to follow them as instructed! 2-2-88

    • AA Cult says:

      I agree with you in that people need to get off their high horse but other than that…I think my name “AA Cult” along with your comments about “fellowships needing to go back underground and following traditions as instructed” say it all.

  35. Angela says:

    Elliott has still not taken responsibility for his actions and his choices, and until he does that will never truly beat his addiction. He is looking for someone to blame and is now blaming DC. It isn’t their fault he chose to use drugs or that he just doesn’t have t maturity to make sound decisions. He is frankly still acting like a petulant child. He always has in his relationships with his wife, his children, and his employees. Until he grows up and gets a handle on his life, he doesn’t need to be allowed on the water. I sincerely hope they revoke his pilot’s license. It is unforgivable that he is allowed to continue to put his crew’s life at risk. He is dangerous. DC definitely should have stepped in to stop this instead of exploiting it for the show.

    • Tacks Sherbo says:

      Angela, you hit the nail right on its head. Elliott’s lack of respect for others was evident right in the beginning. I recall he once begged for info from another captain so he could catch crab. The captain, with a big heart, decided to give the “kid” a break and told him where to drop his lines, and asked that he keep that info to himself. The first thing Elliott did was grab the phone & blab the info to others so he could look like a big shot. That undoubtedly was the last time that Captain shared any info with Elliott. He expected his wife to take him back, but in the meantime, got involved with another woman, shacked up with her, then asked her to marry him. Then, of course, listen to how he talks to the mother of his children. He has a foul, filthy mouth and a foul whining and blaming personality, and that has little to do with his addiction.

    • daddysboy says:

      you hit the nail right on the head all right…. that is if you believe everything you see on reality tv. the only thing childish going on surrounding this topic is a bunch of haters sitting around on their computers trashing someone they literally know nothing about. Elliott has overcome more hardship and acoomplished more with nothing then every single person on this forum combine. The only thing being exploited here is the crabbing industry and his personal life. A crab boat captain not to mention part owner makes more significantly more from his job than the discovery channel and they are the leaches using this drama to make a quick buck. Whoever thinks that people on these boats are clean and sober is just as clueless as everyone who thinks they know this guys life story based on media. You all need to find a hobby and stop worrying about people that chose the most dangerous career in the world because they are the ones that know what theyre doing and you are just a bunch of ignorant snobs. Its so sad how much faith people put in things they see on tv and read in trash magazines without even having a clue whether or not what theyre absorbing is total BS. Imagine if professionals operated on that basis we would have a financial crisis every quarter of every year. get your facts straight and let people worry about themselves. None of you are a quarter the man Elliott is go try and live his life and then post. You should be ashamed.

  36. IslandGirl says:

    No one on the Deadliest Catch boats is clean and sober. Yuck, the crews come through town, get to see them all at their finest, all drugged up on pain pills, meth, heroin and alcohol. All this show does is promote violence and put these clown addicts on display, the pathetic drug and alcohol usage is sickening. Each entire show is scripted and edited to the point of ridiculousness, nothing is real.

    • daddysboy says:

      which is exactly why it is so ridiculous to single one guy out and make such a big deal as if everyone involved didnt already know… just another ploy to make drama, get viewers, get ratings…. and ruin someone who has worked their ass off and is perfectly capable of continuing to produce at top levels as he has previously. such a shame. anyone who thinks this shit isnt scripted to the letter is also dead wrong. let my dude do his job and get out of his way

  37. sharon leduc says:

    Message to sobernotstupid: Have read several comments and did not notice a particular support group named. Is it possible you assumed that the sober commenters were all in AA? Maybe I missed something but I did not
    see any self help group named. I mention my years of sobriety for the same reason you don,t. God,s grace.

    • sobernotstupid says:

      You must read again and I did 02-02-88 27 years. The idea of bringing the fellowship back underground has been a topic for us at world service for many years. The argument that; the program is out dated and the traditions no longer serve us in the best capacity as they were originally intended to do; has also been discussed. To date we find that over all consensus is that “If it is not broke don’t fix it”: lends the most affluent solution. Every where you look you see our Anonymous name in head lines, discussion forums and is spoken about freely. It has been crucified by many in our courts and justice system’s ect ect. Somewhere along the line We have lost the necessity to follow our tradition’s creating the fracture. Thus the need to return to Anonymity being referred by physicians clurgy and word of mouth. That being said Im off

      • AA Cult says:

        What do you mean “it’s not broke?! MILLIONS of Americans dying as a result of this GOVERNMENT ENFORCED failed policy and you say it’s not broke?! The whole argument of “well it helps 5% of us so screw everybody else that doesn’t wanna join our cult even if there are methods with higher recovery rates” does NOT fly with me. Why don’t you guys have some discussions at your “world service” about what your recovery rates are and then compare them to other nations that have INCREDIBLY higher recovery rates and then either adopt those methods or petition the government to use those methods that will save many more lives instead of your failed methods. It’s supposed to be about saving lives right? Or is it really only about saving AA?

        • Qaual says:

          Are you Anne Coulter or something because you sound like her.Blame Obama for all that is wrong ubder the son.

          • AA Cult says:

            How am I blaming Obama. A reference to government is not a call of blaming Obama. This problem has been entrenched in our government LONG before Obama.

          • AA Cult says:

            The issue has NOTHING to do with partisan politics. The issue is that the Cult of AA has monopolized our methods of treating addiction and it’s horrible recovery rates, as opposed to Scientific methods with MUCH higher rates of recovery, is resulting in the deaths of MILLIONS of Americans.

  38. AA Cult says:

    AA and NA are cults. They have no basis in scientific medicine or treatment. There are plenty of medical drugs like Suboxone for Heroin addicts and treatments from ACTUAL doctors that will help addicts to stay off drugs but AA and NA tries to shame people for stepping into the 21st century for treatment.

    • G says:

      absolutely not true. I don’t go to AA much now but I used to (wow, the ‘cult’ allowed me to leave)& my experience was that AA taught me to look inwardly at myself, MY behavior, MY actions and MY drinking, NOT somebody else’s actions, somebody else’s behavior, somebody else’s drinking. If I spent all my time looking at the behavior of others, then how do I have time to look at ME. AA taught me that. If you found it to be a cult, you’re in the wrong meetings.

      • AA Cult says:

        It also taught you that YOU were powerless, and that THEIR “higher power” is the only thing saving you from self-destruction. It was NOT. It was YOUR free-will. Of course group therapy and self-analysis are good things, but AA uses these tools to brainwash people.

        No cult on record has achieved such sophisticated means of mind-control that the casual onlooker either doesn’t notice or doesn’t mind the coercion. This is accomplished primarily through the following means:

        A. Defining the addicted person as sick, incompetent, in denial, deserving of radical methods and forced humility, i.e., humiliation. Observers will perceive what is actually abuse as necessary and appropriate, as if watching a surgeon slice a person open.
        B. The confidence game. The use of legitimate authority symbols, e.g., doctors, psychologists, professional associations, etc., to support the use of the 12-step program. If the state licenses them, they must know something, and if they say it’s okay, then it’s okay.
        C. The big lie. Massive denials of reality, such as “AA lends its name to no outside organization,” while virtually all treatment programs are run by professional AA’ers who forcefully indoctrinate participants in the 12-step program. The use of mass media to repeat nonsensical phrases over and over, i.e., “addictive disease,” “treatment works,” “one-day-at-a-time,” “recovery is a process,” “in recovery,” “recovering,” “in denial,” “addiction treatment,” etc., to inure the public and prevent moral outrage over the actual content of American-style addiction recovery.
        D. Steptalk, that polished explanation steppers provide when questioned about their odd beliefs and suspicious proclivities. “It isn’t religious, it’s spiritual.” “No one makes money on AA. We are a fellowship of concerned people supported entirely by our own donations.” “Take what you like and leave the rest.” “The 12 steps,” upon which survival is said to depend, “are only suggestions.”
        E. Pathologizing inquiry, criticism, and dissent. The Program is divinely inspired, and may not be criticized. Persons who object to cult doctrine are ostracized, reprimanded, regarded as sick, diseased, in denial, in relapse, constitutionally incapable of honesty, or simply doomed. Critics of AA are always angry, in denial, paranoid, sick people. Skeptics and others who test the coherency of AA doctrine are advised, “Take the cotton out of your ears and stick it in your mouth.”

        F. Closed, All-Encompassing Environment (Physical)
        We hear daily from people telling about being detained in treatment centers, deprived of all reading materials except AA doctrinal literature, deprived of any contact with family or friends, and prohibited from using the telephone. When the facility is not locked, subjects are threatened with direct billing for services because insurance will not pay the front-loaded hospital bill if the patient leaves against medical advice. Moreover, resistance to treatment is recorded into medical records which are released in advance at the time of admission. The record becomes evidence for later repercussions in court and before professional boards. Family members are required to also submit to codepedency indoctrination as a condition of payment.

        Ninety meetings in ninety days, an industry standard, makes the cult an all-encompassing environment, allowing scant time for anything but cult participation. Although the subject may sleep and eat at home, the effect of daily cult participation results in social disorientation to the extent that subjects feel as if they are at meetings while in their homes. When this bizarre, coercive arrangement is not mandated by a court, it is reinforced by the group (its established members working in shifts, of course), which constantly remind subjects that if they relent in meeting attendance they will self-destruct.

        Now you may argue that at the time a brainwashed zombie is better than a dead one. But you may NOT argue that it isn’t a brainwashing cult. There are other methods to save peoples lives with MUCH higher recovery rates that would save MANY more lives. In the words of the great Geddy Lee, “I will choose FREE WILL.”

  39. brenda says:

    Elliot was an arrogant conceited prick from the start who probably couldn’t get a woman without money or drugs
    hope to never ever see his whiny ass on dc again

    • daddysboy says:

      brenda please, if you knew anything about this guy you would take that back, screw DC. Maybe you should make a show where you call out all the conceited pricks of the world with your fish eating friends, GL with that. Try if you continue to feel this disgruntled

  40. Sue says:

    Hope Elliott can get straight. Hate to see him treat people the way he does. I admire Keith for trying to help him. I am praying for Elliott.

  41. Blue says:

    Elliot is an AXXhXXX and will always be one , DC should not film him or the Saga anymore. I can really enjoy the show even more if they drop any coverage of Elliot and his boat – Move on DC get past the drama and negative that follows Elliot and the Saga – Air more of the daily life on board the other vessels ,especial the Time Bandit – it is a pleasure to watch their stories and work

    • daddysboy says:

      so you would rather watch a bunch of dude fill their dads shoes than watch a young guy who worked his way from the deck to the wheelhouse and half owner of the boat he crews? overcomes real life problems and gets back at it too? not to mention the fact that he kicks ass at what he does. If you get pleasure from watching men in their daily lives you can go ahead and watch a sitcom. People are so quick to give up on the underdog its either jealousy or straight wierdness. Either way I dont see any of those dudes topping production charts and also taking his precious time to save a crew from a sunken ship in that would have otherwise drown or freezed to death. And lets not forget guys, EVERYONE who does this job is on drugs stop being naive. you try working 5 day shifts with barely a few hour naps if youre lucky. He isnt the only one I see disciplining his crew either. Hate on haters

  42. scott says:

    Well just got back from a AA meeting I never have felt, or been shamed by anyone. If there was any shame its what I have brought upon myself for being drunk all the time. Wasted years, and money. I am glad for anyone that gets help through medicine, rehabs, fdamily support, will power, or AA meetings. Addictions wreck lives of those addicted and families of the the addicted. So AA Cult guy get off your high horse. First admission of a problem, and desire to get better is key. Does not matter what program you in. Many have failed in every program or 21st century science. Its still a personal heart matter. We are not robots.

    • AA Cult says:

      “Well just got back from a AA meeting I never have felt, or been shamed by anyone. If there was any shame its what I have brought upon myself for being drunk all the time.”

      Of course your not going to feel any shame if you’re toeing the party line. AA is forced by the government on the people THATS why it DOES matter what program you’re in. Why don’t you try going to a meeting where no one knows you and telling them that you’re on doctor prescribed medication to stop with the cravings of Suboxone at an NA meeting or saying that you’re on the Sinclair Method of Naltrexone at an AA meeting and then tell me how that goes over with the crowd. I GUARANTEE you that you will never again say that you’ve never felt or been shamed by anyone at a meeting.

      • daddysboy says:

        just the fact that theres AA/NA is one program following the same book, steps, and procedure yet every meeting is different is proof that there is not one solution for addicts, we are not all the same, and individualized treatment plans practiced by places like passages are a better solution for this age old problem. The fact that you have to find a meeting that works for you is evidence of that, addicts are people, individuals with differing situations and needs so why give them all the same book and treatment. It makes no sense. It is the same reason carpenters, welders, and plumbers all carry different sets of tools. Im not saying it doesnt work, I am saying it is an extreme solution that not everyone can relate to I am happy that it helps so many people but it never worked for me and other things did so stop being so closed minded, there is more than one way to skin a cat as they say. Think about it. And besides who the hell wants to call themself an addict after they beat their addiction, what a freakin buzzkill…..

  43. AA Cult says:

    MY high horse? Apparently you haven’t been reading the disgusting comments from your fellow cult members who are trying to shame anyone that uses a different method to get clean.

    To AA believers, AA doctrine must be correct, as it is written. No one may speak of the incoherence of AA doctrine, and group interaction is designed to prevent or contain skepticism. “Your best thinking got you here.” “There’s no one too dumb to get this program, but many are too intelligent.” “Expect a miracle.” Individuals attending AA meetings who express skepticism towards the group’s principles say they have immediately been charged and lambasted by diehard members who spout such cultish maxims as “utilize, don’t analyze” or “fake it until you make it”. In other words, they are instructing new members in a subliminal way to accept AA’s belief system without questioning it and eventually, they’ll “get it”.

    We have an EXTREME addiction problem in our country and AA is NOT solving it. MILLIONS of Americans are dying because of this failed method. Research has shown time and time again that AA is not an effective treatment program. The group, however, continues to disregard any evidence available and even ignores the results of its own surveys, which simply reveals what is already known–that recovery rates are dismal. Yet, they continue to preach that their way is the only way to recover from alcoholism.

    I would be fine with whomever wanted to use AA only IF it were not true that the AA cult has infiltrated our federal and state bureaucracies and now nests in every social institution, setting policies that funnel new members into its craw. It expands for its own sake, and cannot change from within. Therefore, it must be destroyed by forthright public education and expose.

    “While AA appears to the casual observer as a nonprofit corporation that sponsors autonomous, community-level cell groups, it has evolved far beyond that level of organization. Its members, shielded by anonymity and presenting themselves as concerned addictions experts, have infiltrated federal and state bureaucracies, where they manipulate social policies and funding patterns affecting America’s social service system. Hundreds of nonprofit organizations exist purely for the purpose disseminating disease-treatment propaganda and networking within communities to create political support for the 12-step agendas described in AA doctrinal literature. Now in possession of the American social service system, including the prisons and courts, the professional disciplinary and licensing boards, the medicaid and social welfare programs, and the military health care system, AA can be seen as a powerful hierarchy of professional AA’ers employed in positions of social responsibility. AA is a cult which has spread into a bureaucracy, which I call a “cultocracy,” for the lack of a standard word to describe this anomaly. The funding for the AA cultocracy is not from the free-will donations of grateful alcoholics, but taken from each taxpayer by the force of national tax laws. The AA cultocracy enlarges AA’s membership by using the authority of social institutions to force vulnerable people into their recovery groups, where they are indoctrinated under conditions that should interest Amnesty International. The penalty for resisting AA participation may be imprisonment, death from the lack of organ transplant, imprisonment as in parole and early-release policies, loss of social welfare and health care benefits, loss of child custody as in domestic court cases, loss of livelihood as in impaired professional programs, and loss of employment as in employment assistance programs.”

    • G says:

      This is most entertaining. If AA has taught me anything, its taught me that sometimes, alcohol aint the problem. Alcohol has such a bad rap, why blame excessive boozing as the problem when inherent idiocy has the same effect.

  44. AA Cult says:

    “Contrary to what Alcoholics Anonymous would have you believe. there are plenty of other groups/methods/therapies and medication that can assist an alcohol dependent in quitting drinking. You have probably not heard of them because AA has drowned them out.

    Alcoholism cure. Those in AA laugh at the idea of a cure for alcoholism, they might not be laughing for long.

    Medication for alcoholism AA frowns upon the use of medication, however, there are pills that can assist alcoholics in recovery.

    AA Alternatives. There are support groups/alcoholic rehabs out there that do not subscribe to the 12 step way.

    Holistic Alcohol Treatment. Alternative therapies have a place in the treatment of alcohol dependency.

    We MUST fix this addiction problem! It is killing MILLIONS of Americans! The AA’s rates of recovery are HORRIBLE. Science’s rates of recovery are INCREDIBLY higher in other countries that use them. Our only hope is for our government to stop forcing this Faith-Healers method of dealing with it and instead adapting to using policies of SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN METHODS OF MEDICINE AND TREATMENT.

    • sharon leduc says:

      Message to sobernotstupid, I know you said you have signed off, but I hope you read this for my benefit. I agree with you 100% as far as your last comment. Also you reminded me how easy traditions can be broken and unsolicited can be given. It was a good thump on the head for me.
      Have a fun holiday weekend.

  45. sharon leduc says:

    Please add the word advice after unsolicited

  46. Human Services Grad says:

    AA Cult – I really don’t know how to take your responses. You are so defensive about the way other people succeeded in finding the help they sought via AA or NA. As someone that has touted the significant numbers of the addicted, – should you of all people be pleased that these others have found help and were able to save themselves by whatever means they sought? Why then are you continually disgracing the way they solved their own issue? Who the hell made you GOD and gave you the voice to berate these clean “addicts”? And yes, an addict will always call themselves one, so that they can remember what their addiction cost them. Just as an ex-prisoner will call themselves an ex-con, a parolee, or a jailbird. It’s part of their healing and ways in which people remember what their past actions took from their life and the lives of those that matter to them.

    Kind of sad that you cannot find that distinction.

    It doesn’t mean that they live their life in the past. Just a way to help keep them on the straight and narrow. Because in today’s world it is so easy to get consumed by drugs, alcohol or even crime – ya know since you keep bringing up the prisoner debate.

    The way to truly heal from any device or victimization is to be honest about the problem(s), open to solutions, and free your life of what those device or victimizations were. Cancer is a disease, Lupus is a disease, mental illness is a disease? YES, these are clinical problems that cannot be treated by opening up and talking about how the problem began.

    Domestic violence is a disease, alcoholism is a disease, obesity is a disease? NO, these are ways to keep everything self-focused and not admit to a problem. These are classic illnesses that people refuse to admit they have. Like going to work with a cold. Most people will still go to work even though they know they have a cold and are sharing that cold with everyone. The only way to really beat these illnesses are to free one’s soul to the point they can admit their choice(s) were not always the right choices in the first place. They have to have a starting point and this is that start. Now as to the steps they take to correct their problem of choice is up to each individual. And we should not downplay what works for someone else. It is not our decision in life to make everything work the same way for everyone.

    They made the choice to get involved with someone that beats them, now they have to find their way out. We can support and encourage but we can’t do it for them. They made the choice to use, now they have to find their way free from the drug of choice. Again, we can encourage them and support them but we cannot tell them the best way to accomplish that feat. So be careful when you begin berating people for using a solution you do not support.

    Stepping off my soapbox now.

    As far as Elliott is concerned – am not a fan, never been a fan, and he will never gain me as a fan. I’ve been watching the show for years and I, like many of you, walk away when the Saga comes on. It’s all about Elliott and his “saga” that I’m not interested in viewing. I feel like DC made a huge mistake by ever signing him when he was on the Ramblin Rose. He was for ratings, but in my opinion, by what many of you have said, and myself walking away. sounds like they could’ve easily lost ratings if we had turned the channel instead of walk away.

    And for those that commented on being clean… Congratulations on your victory and recovery. The world needs healthy strong individuals like yourselves to make a difference to the future generations. You are not alone and have support by more people than you think. Always keep your head up and continue one day at a time.

  47. AA Cult says:

    Because I am looking at it’s failures on a Macro level not a Micro level. It would be all fine and good if our government did not FORCE people into this methodology by COURT order. Our government allows this failed method because it is easier than implementing real changes that would actually save people. They would rather turn them into mindless drones worshiping AA’s “Higher power” and having them think that any failures on the peoples part is because they just didn’t accept that they are “powerless” instead of the government giving them the tools of science to succeed that have been proven to work.

    The fact that all newcomers suffer the same functional problem, i.e, ambivalence with repeated reversal of intent, makes them easy prey for seasoned old-timers who can anticipate addictive thought processes. Instead of freeing people from addiction by telling the simple truth they all must know, they exploit the weakness of newcomers to induct them into the cult. Each abstinent AA’er knows very well that drinking and using is a matter of free choice, and that self-recovery is not only possible, but commonplace. Acting out of loyalty and guilt, they repeat the official dogma, that AA is a lifeboat for all addicted people, and to leave the fold is tantamount to choosing death. So zealous has the recovery group movement become, that every single group insists, “Anything can be your Higher Power — a teacup, a doorknob, a stone.” In their zeal, all respect for common sense and self-determination is abandoned in favor of coercive logic approaching absolute mind-control. “At first you come because you have to come,” they say, “but later you come because you love to come.”

    AA’ers in high positions of power control how our government deals with addiction. By their own definition, Insanity is repeating the same action over and over again and expecting different results. Well our government is repeating the same action of forcing this failed cult methodology over and over again and expecting different results. Insanity.

    • Human Services Grad says:

      Well hunni, everyone knows the government can’t manage a grocery store.. let alone the fix for others lives! I mean that’s been proven for far too long. The government is NOT the answer to any personal problem or providing an accomplishment.

      So for you to continue to berate folks b/c of the government and the fact that they force people to accept those programs as the start to correcting a problem is just as insane as the governments involvement in the first place. At least the person is forced to see they do have a problem.

      Me personally, I would advise others that they have a choice in what steps they can choose to get clean; but not replay the focus on a program you clearly do not support.

      You said your peace once, there was no reason to rehash it.

      What you are effectively doing is giving these people doubt in their abilities to get and remain clean. Or providing reasons as to why they should fail at their success. Not cool! Especially since you, yourself, state over and over that there are far too many addicts in the system.

      Here’s another thought to ponder, my friend. How about maybe the reason these people chose AA and/or NA was because they no longer wanted to be dependent on yet another substance that could “control” their life. What if that was the person’s concern? How dare we criticize them for choosing what works best for their position, situation and lifestyle.

      We are created different for a reason…. because life would be so damn boring if we were all the same. A bunch of zombies that live the same way, act the same way, work the same way, etc.

      I know it’s not a life I would want to live, if we were all created the same way.

      Been nice speaking with you. Take care and learn to relax a bit.

      • AA Cult says:

        “The government is NOT the answer to any personal problem or providing an accomplishment.”

        But the government IS the answer by funding patterns affecting America’s social service system that actually work. The problem is the zealots in high positions of power who do not allow for any other way than theirs. This is a direct result of their beliefs that have been indoctrinated in them. Making people aware of this is the only way to fix the problem.

      • AA Cult says:

        @Human Services Grad
        “Take care and learn to relax a bit.”

        Realx? Apathy is the whole reason that we are in the mess that we are in today. Instead of finding solutions to our problems that work, we would rather whistle and sing “Ho-hum the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but at least I’M enjoying the ride.”

  48. JRDemmings says:

    Only one person speaking hatefully, contemptuously and irrationally here; AACult.
    Mirror, dude… you’re spewing hate and condescension with every bitter irrational word you write. One hater here… you. One person talking conspiracies and blindly condemning a whole segment of society: AACult. One person refusing to listen to other arguments and discuss rationally: AACult. One person blinded by dogma and lacking reason: AACult.
    Go back to your Scientology meetings and leave the rest of us alone.

  49. Darel says:

    One of the best shows on TV. I love fishing on weekends and it is nice to see hard working folks doing this for a living.

  50. JamesGF says:

    It’s reality television edited to evoke extreme reactions such as many of yours so it’s not all that fair to judge it as pure fact… In regards to addiction, it is such a devastating and debilitating disease of the brain (yes, it is scientifically proven as such) and if he is making the choice and taking the effort to go through utter hell to battle his addiction and get his life back then shame on anyone who has no compassion or empathy for that. Addiction is as severe as it gets and to make degrading comments about him because he has the ability to go to Passages as his choice for rehabilitation is so wrong. He is getting the help he needs and that is all that matters and I will commend anyone who can and will admit their issues and decide to do all that they can in their power to change them for the better. None of you personally know him in reality and what his struggles are and have been; we just just don’t. “When you judge someone you aren’t defining them, you are defining yourself”. TRUTH

  51. Richard K says:

    He has decided to get his act together and that is all that matters.

  52. daddysboy says:

    I will say this once again, none of you even know this person and you are judgemental little cowards hiding behind your computers hating on people because you do not have whatever it takes to reach any sort of success or overcome anything near what this guy has been through. Anyone with any sort of life experience that has had to overcome personal hardship can relate to this kid and should be supportive and proud for not only what he has accomplished but also for owning his issues like a man. Furthermore anyone who thinks they can determine a single quality of a person from watching reality tv and reading articles in the media is a naive, idiotic coward. The sole purpose of discovery is to get ratings and they could care less who they trample in the process and same goes for websites like this. If you cannot understand that and choose to take this as a peer reviewed scholarly essay I feel terribly bad for your lack of exposure to the real world (and by real world I dont mean that garbage on MTV). Get of your couch, get out from behind your keyboard and go out into the real world and you will see that this is typical media propoganda produced in the name of greed. It breaks my heart to see so many people judging this poor kid who worked his ass off to get where he is and could have made a great living doing what he loves if it werent for some TV station that has no problem ruining someones life to make a buck. Singling out Elliott just because he is the easiest target to do so with is a weak move and all of you idiots that judge him based on the hundred 5% truths you are being fed are just that, idiots; you feed the whole party just buy buying into this crap and doing exactly what the dick who wrote this article wants you to. Have fun being controlled by media and trolling forums about people you know nothing about. I would love to see you try talk like this in a bar in dutch harbor and guarantee you would piss yourself before you got halfway through the door. You are all pathetic cowards and should be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously, so pathetic. Go back to the waste of life you were hating before you posted on this forum and continue to be miserable. I hope it made you feel better to put someone down for having personal problems that are honestly none of your business. All I have to say is you are lucky there is an internet to troll on because if you were brave enough to express these opinions in real life you would be lacking the bottom part of your face before you finished a sentence. Cowards, all of you. There is no excuse for your behavior and you should be ashamed, put yourself in his shoes for one second and I guarantee they would be filled to the brim with your own urine. Get a life and stop hating on someone who has one and made a mistake, honestly, who of you out there are perfect??? Thats what I thought

  53. hutue says:

    Love that show. I hope it is not scripted.

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