‘Dead Man’ Thomas Sancomb Stuns Medical Examiner

May 25, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

“Dead man” amazes medical examiner by resurrecting. Thomas Sancomb, a 46-year-old man who was declared dead by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner team and as he was being readied for the morgue, he started to breathe and moved his arms.

dead man medical examiner

A “dead man” baffles medical examiner after he started moving his limbs, and the story goes viral. Thomas Sancomb might be the closest to Jesus Christ, we will ever get.

On Tuesday, Sancomb’s girlfriend called the police asking them to check on him after she was unable to get in touch. The girlfriend told Milwaukee police that it was an urgent matter because her boyfriend suffered from an ongoing serious medical condition.

When the police officers arrived at the man’s apartment, they found him collapsed at the foot of the bed. According to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner, the police immediately called the paramedics.

When paramedics from the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived, they found the man’s body “cold to the touch and in rigor” and did not attempt to resuscitate him. The man was pronounced dead at 2.10pm and forensic investigator Genevieve Penn called Sancomb’s brother, John Sancomb, to inform him of the “death.”

An autopsy was supposed to be performed to determine the cause of death. As the body was being readied for the morgue, the man, who was believed dead, began to breathe and moved his right arm and leg.

Firefighters were called back to the home and found that the man had a heart rate. Thomas Sancomb was rushed to Columbia-St. Mary’s Hospital Intensive Care and is still fighting for his life.

John Sancomb said his brother is “not out of the woods yet,” and went on to add:

“Thomas’ health is the most important thing we’re focusing on right now.”

It was revealed that Thomas Sancomb had a thyroid problem, which put him in a rare coma and dropped his body temperature to 84 degrees. Thomas Sancomb’s brother said that his neck and jaw went stiff, leading the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner crew to think rigor was setting in.

Assistant Chief Gerard Washington said they are investigating the matter. She shared:

“We’re doing an internal investigation to make sure that everything we did followed protocol. It’s an active investigation, so I can’t comment in detail.”

What are your thoughts on the “dead man” who stunned the medical examiner?


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  1. Brian says:

    I’m just sorry another “dead” person, Bobbi Houston doesn’t wake up too, so sad that her life was ripped away for good.

  2. Wesley says:

    Give this man an epic party when he is better. He deserves it.

  3. Kritelle K says:

    wISH him all the best. Get well soon and thank your girlfriends for caring like she did.
    Maybe stop living alone if you have a condition like that.
    Take care Mr Sancomb – by the way what a nice name.

  4. Inspiredone says:

    well,,,, just verifies the Holy Scriptures, we are of flesh and Spirit!
    God Blessed this Man and apparently he has more work to do on the planet.

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