Dead Babies Germany: Country Shocked By New Infanticide Case

November 15, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Eight dead babies have been discovered in Germany and authorities are calling it one the country’s worst infanticide cases. Police believe that a 45-year-old woman, the mother of all eight babies, buried them in her apartment to hide her frequent pregnancies.

Dead babies Germany

The gruesome discovery of eight dead babies in Germany has authorities searching for a husband and a wife. On Thursday, a woman residing in the state of Bavaria called German police to report the body of a baby she had found in her former neighbor’s apartment.

When police arrived on the scene, she explained that the woman, who once resided in the home, used to drink a lot and ranted about the dead babies she had buried. When the ex-neighbor moved out last month after fighting with her husband, she decided to dig around to see if there were bodies hidden in the home.

Law enforcers unearthed a total of eight bodies – all wrapped in hand towels and placed in plastic bags. The corpses were found locked in an old sauna, which was transformed into a cupboard. The husband and wife lived in the town of Wallenfels in Bavaria for 18 years and have three children together.

The woman, who also has four other children from other relationships, had appeared to be a very loving mother. The walls and the windows of the apartment were decorated with adorable figurines of children playing in a circle.

According to German media outlets, the 45-year-old woman, who worked at a newspaper kiosk and was also a lifeguard, might have killed some of the babies to hide her frequent pregnancies. It is rumored that she suffered at least four miscarriages.

Martin Dippold, a state prosecutor in Coburg, said that they do not know the ages of the infants, their cause of death nor how long ago they had been dead. Dippold added:

“The (bodies) are in poor condition.”

He revealed that the results of forensic examinations will be back next week. Police are looking for the couple. The mayor of Wallenfels Jens Korn said that he was shocked and added:

“This little town where everyone knows each other is asking: ‘Could we have done something?’, the couple was very normal. The man was deeply involved in the local community.”

Korn might have a very short memory because two years ago, construction workers in his little town, found the bodies of two babies, dead since the 1980s. In 2014, Germany was rattled by another infanticide case about a mother, who murdered her two children and hid the bodies in a freezer.


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