David Arquette Sober: Actor Comes Clean About Drinking Again

August 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

David Arquette Sober

Is David Arquette sober? In a new interview, Arquette has confessed that he has not been sober for the past four months, due to his involvement in the Hollywood nightlife scene. Arquette who is the owner of the Bootsy Bellows has been in and out of rehabilitation centers in recent years.

Despite having many wonderful things going for him at the moment, David Arquette is unable to stay sober.

Mr Arquette who welcomed a baby boy with Entertainment Tonight correspondent Christina McLarty, named Charlie West 18 months ago spoke to Rumor Fix where he explained that it is very difficult to be at a night club every night and not drink alcohol.

The actor who is the owner of the popular California nightclubs called Bootsy Bellows (where Justin Bieber got in trouble for underage drinking) and Hooray Henrys said that he tried but it is very hard, despite the countless AAA meetings.

The 42-year-old actor has been having a lot of trouble staying sober because in August of 2013, he told Howard Stern that he was smoking and drinking again.

During the interview, the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star explained he has not been able to promote his clubs, since little Charlie arrived because the baby takes a lot of his time.

In July, the former professional wrestler got engaged to McLarty, just days after his ex wife Courteney Cox and Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid announced their engagement in the the media. Arquette insists that Cox did not tell him about her engagement.

Despite the engagement confusion, the parents of Coco have a great working relationship.

Through their production company Coquette, they are working on a new show called “The Celebrity Name Game” and another program titled “Cleaners.”

The father-of-two is set to appear in the new Civil War film Field of Lost Shoes that will arrive in theaters in September.

The former wrestler is also trying to buy a third nightclub.

According to reports, the entertainer is ready to invest 1.6 million dollars in the famous Crazy Girls strip club on Sunset Boulevard.


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  1. Mike E says:

    He might be able to do this for another couple of years, but eventually, it will catch up, and either kill him or be the cause of a tragedy – the death of a loved one, acquaintance or complete stranger.

    I’ve watched several people die from alcoholism, including a neighbor whose organs pretty much exploded because they just couldn’t handle the abuse any more.

    • Jay Corby says:

      Yes, it’s a very old ‘story’ – the tail wagging the dog. I also have
      witnessed family members and others succumb to an alcoholic death, and it’s not a pretty sight. True alcoholics are suffering from a disease that no human power can arrest. I know this from personal experience – been sober now going on fourteen years. Only a ‘Power
      Greater than Ourselves’ can give mastery over this potential fatal malady. I wish David A. the very best, and pray that he finds the strength to reach out for help once again.

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