Dave Molter Gives Last Breath To Wife Corrine

September 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Dave Molter Breath To Wife

Dave Molter gave his last breath to his wife. Molter, 84, died while doing CPR on his wife Corrine Molter, 83, at their South Carolina home. According to their caretaker Brandy Williams, Dave Molter watched over his wife who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease night and day. Williams wept while talking about the couple, saying that after 60 years together, she is not surprised that Mr Molter was willing to give his last breath to his wife.

Dave Molter did the ultimate sacrifice, he gave his dying wife Corrine Molter his last breath.

On Monday morning, Brandy Williams, who was hired in May to be Corrine and Dave Molter’s caretaker arrived at their home in Lake Wylie in York County, South Carolina, and was surprised when no one answered the door.

Williams found a way inside, where she discovered the pair had died. The body of Dave Molter was lying on his wife’s remains. The police officers who were called to the scene rapidly determined that Mr Molter died while performing CPR on his beloved wife, he therefore gave his lady his last breath.

Williams who visited the couple three times a week, said that they were together for more than 60 years and they loved each other unconditionally. Mrs Molter was battling Alzheimer’s disease and despite his old age, Dave took great care of his wife.

He watched over her, made sure she ate right and slept well. The man often worried what would happened if he passed away before her or how would he live without her around?

With tears running down her eyes, Williams explained that what the Molters had was real love, a love that you only saw in the movies. The young lady said that the duo was wonderful and kind:

“Just being there and seeing it with my own eyes. It’s like true love like no other. It’s the kind you see in movies, not the kind you see in real life.”

A neighbor of Mr and Mrs Molter, Elke Hall shared a cute story about the lovers with local media outlets by saying that the husband would always follow his wife when she would go out for walks.

He hid behind a car or a tree whenever she looked back. The reason for that little stunt is because the elderly woman wandered off few months ago and many had feared that she had fallen in the lake near her home.

Since that incident, Dave kept an eye on Corrine when she went for strolls. Chris Porter who lived across the lovers for over 30 years said Mr Molter built the home by himself and was very proud of it.

Porter added that while it is very sad that the pair is no longer on earth, it is nice to know that they are in heaven together. The Molters are survived by a son and daughter.


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