Dante Parker Tased: Father Of 5 Dies After Getting Tased By Police

August 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More


Dante Parker was tased by police and died after he was taken to a hospital. A father-of-five named Dante Parker was tased to death as he was riding his bike in Victorville, California. Police believed that Parker was a robbery suspect, while his family claimed that he was a hard working man who would have never committed such a crime. The Parker family has hired the same lawyer who represented them when Dante’s cousin Donte Jordan was gunned down by police.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dante Parker was tased and killed by the female officer who was attempting to arrest him in Victorville.

According to the police, they were called to a home at around 4:30 PM for a robbery.

The burglar was described as a large African American male who fled the scene on a bike.

At around 5 PM, the cops stumbled on Dante who was ridding his bicycle not too far from the crime scene.

When the female police officer tried to arrest Mr Parker, he fought with her and left several bruises on her arms.

The law enforcer tased the man who was apparently intoxicated several times and called for back up.

As the authorities were taking the individual to the police station for interrogation, he complained about having difficulty breathing and he started sweating heavily.

The father-of-five was rushed to the Victor Valley Global Medical Center where he died.

Parker’s family and co-workers have painted an entirely picture of the deceased man.

His wife Bianca Parker stated that her husband who was supposed to celebrate his 37th birthday yesterday, was a loving dad to his four daughters and son.

He has been a exemplary staff member of the Daily Press pressroom for the past 12 years.

Mrs Parker said that their family had everything they wanted and needed and; therefore, her spouse would never rob anyone.

The family revealed that Dante rode his bike every afternoon because he was trying to lose weight since he quit drinking.

Records show that the man was arrested in San Bernardino 1997 for drunk driving.

Bianca confessed to the media that the authorities never contacted the family about the death.

Dante’s colleagues added that he was like a teddy bear who was determined to provide a good life for his family.

But a man by the name of Dominick David Allen took to Facebook to say that Parker did try to enter his mom’s home and that is why she called the police.

Allen said he fought with Parker as he tried to break into the house and fled on his bike when he understood that the police were coming.

Dominick wrote that if he had to do it again, he would have done the same thing to protect his mother.

The relatives have contacted the same attorney who is representing them in wrongful-death lawsuit against the Long Beach Police Department.

In November 2013, Dante’s cousin Donte Jordan who was high on marijuana and cocaine, was killed by Long Beach police.


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