Dania Londano Suarez Speaks On Secret Service Sex Scandal

Garrett Montgomery | May 4, 2012 | 3 Comments More

Dania Londono Suarez the Colombian prostitute in the midst of the Secret Service scandal has given her first interview since being ousted thanks to the police report.

The mother-of-one sat down with Caracol Radio where she gave more details about how she met the agent, the fight that occurred when he decided not to pay and the fact that she now feels that her life is in danger.

Suarez who confessed that she was no longer a prostitute explained that if she was a terrorist she could have gotten all the secrets pertaining to Obama and America the night she slept with the drug agent. She said:

“At that moment, if I had wanted to, or if I had been part of one of those terrorist groups, it’s obvious I would have been able to get everything,”

She revealed how she was approached at a club for the one night stand:

“I was at a disco and he came over and told me ‘sex… I said, ‘Baby, Cash, Money,’ that I wanted money. He said, ‘OK, baby. How much?’ ‘Eight hundred.’ He told me, ‘Eight hundred. OK, let’s go. Come, come to hotel.’

The next morning when the man refused to pay the pair got into a loud argument that resulted in local authorities being called to investigate.

While the prostitute is taking to the airwaves to sell her incredible story and lament on the fact that she feels that she will be killed, the 12 U.S. military personnel who were involved have either been fired or lost their posts.

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