Danae Mines Becomes FDNY’s Calendar First Featured Woman

July 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Danae Mines

Danae Mines has made history by becoming the first woman to appear in the FDNY’s calendar. Danae Mines is Miss March and unlike her male collages she is fully clothed. A firefighter for 11 years Danae Mines said that she fought for the spot in the 2015 calender. She is hoping to inspire more women to join her profession.

Danae Mines is the first woman to make it in the FDNY Calendar of Heroes.

Mines who is Miss March (which is Women’s History Month) appears in a picture shot by Patrick McMullan where she can be seen in a grey tank top, firefighter’s famous red suspenders and green drab pants.

The firefighter finished the look with a well equipped tool belt and a beautiful smile .

Danae Mines who is among the 41 female firefighters in New York said that she chose this career when she was only 10 years of age after listening to a group of smoke jumpers who visited her school to talk about how they save lives and help people every day.

Her family was against her decision, but she was determined and became an EMT, was promoted in 2003 and assigned to Engine Co. 60 in the South Bronx.

The passionate woman said that last year when she heard about the open call for the calender she told herself it was time to break another glass ceiling.

Along with 100 men she auditioned for one of the thirteen spots.

She is very happy to have made history and she hopes that little girls and young women will look at her picture and tell themselves they can do this kid of job.

The other 12 smoke-eaters who are shirtless in the 2015 FDNY Calendar of Heroes are also very proud of Mines for breaking barriers.

Via her Facebook page page the brave lady added that she always wanted to inspire others and this is just the start of it.

The pictorial is available for about $18 with all proceeds going to the FDNY Foundation.


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