Dallas Attack 100 Drinks: Man Behind Dallas Airport Gay Slur Incident Blames It On 100 Drinks

October 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Dallas attack on gay man was caused by 100 drinks. McCleish Christmas Benham, the man caught on video attacking another traveler and using several gay slurs at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, last Thursday, claimed that he had more than 100 drinks, prior to the incident.

dallas attack 100 drinks

The Dallas attack was caused by 100 drinks, according to the police report. McCleish Christmas Benham, the person who verbally and physically attacked a passenger at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, last week, told police that he did it because he had 100 drinks, and this is America, you can do whatever you want.

The 27-year-old individual from Shelbyville, Tennessee was apparently harassing a female employee at the ticket counter, which is why the man in the pink shirt, stepped in and asked him to calm down.

Angered by the man’s words, a very intoxicated Benham began shouting numerous anti-gay slurs at the individual and eventually attacked him. Benham slapped and kicked the man in the pink shirt before being tackled by other travelers, who had enough of his barbaric ways.

Benham was charged with simple assault and public intoxication. While being arrested, the police asked him, why did he assault the other man, he replied by saying:

“This is America — that’s why.It’s the same reason you get to live, to breathe, to walk black. You know what I’m talking about.”

He also confessed to having over 100 drinks before getting to the Dallas airport. Several Shelbyville residents have spoken out about the attack saying that Benham embarrassed the entire city with his behavior, and he is shedding a bad light on Tennessee.

Janice Blackwell Boswell of Shelbyville told local media:

“A slap in our face.Puts us down like we are a country hick town, which we are not.”

Benham, who is involved in the walking horse industry, has had at least two run-ins with the law. Andrew Kennedy, the passenger who shot the video, called Benham “extremely troubled,” and added that one of the passengers who jumped on the drunk man during the attack was injured.


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  1. aahondo says:

    100 drinks? and he was still standing? what was he drinking?

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