Cynthia Bailey: ‘Inappropriate’ Cheating Video Is Not Enough To Divorce Peter Thomas (Video)

June 18, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Inappropriate actions are not enough for Cynthia Bailey to divorce her husband, Peter Thomas. Bailey gave her “divorce is not an option statement” after a video surfaced showing Thomas touching and kissing another woman.

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Don’t expect Cynthia Bailey to leave her man because of his inappropriate conduct. In 2008, amidst cheating and open marriage rumors, Will Smith appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he said no matter what goes on in his marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith, divorce is simply not an option. The actor said:

“What I found is divorce just can’t be an option. It’s really that simple… there are so many options. So a huge part of the success for [Jada] and I is that we just removed the other options.”

Earlier this week, a very inappropriate and cringeworthy video featuring Cynthia Bailey’s much older husband, Peter Thomas, surfaced on the internet. The brief clip, which was filmed at Thomas’ Bar One in Atlanta, shows him whispering, kissing and touching a woman’s shoulders and breasts.

Seeing this is the second time that Peter Thomas has been embroiled in a cheating scandal, many expected The Real Housewives of Atlanta star to finally pack up all of her wigs and hats and file for divorce. Nope, not happening.

Cynthia Bailey has issued several statements and done multiple interviews saying that divorce is not an option. The reality star said:

“My marriage is not perfect. We’re going to deal with this issue as husband and wife. Most marriages go through their share of challenges, and ups and downs. Peter and I are no exception. I felt the video was inappropriate, and embarrassing. I expect him to accept full accountability for his actions. We are coming up on our five-year wedding anniversary and we will deal with this situation as husband and wife. I appreciate everyone’s well wishes, and concerns.”

Mr. Cynthia Bailey is defending himself by blaming his slippery hands on the Internet. He claimed:

“There’s stuff all over Instagram that makes me look like a big ass cheater. That’s not what it is. That’s a friend of mine at a club that I was talking to. Looks crazy — I know it does, so I’m apologizing to my wife. I’m apologizing to my two beautiful daughters…daddy’s not a cheater.”

Bailey sat down on V-103 Wednesday, where she explained that she is not leaving her spouse just because he was filmed touching another woman:

“I wasn’t there.When I saw the video I thought it was inappropriate…but I’m not going to set his clothes on fire, but we’re going to talk about some things…I’m going to need him to be a little more careful with who he’s kissing on or looking like he’s kissing on or putting his hands on the neck or grazing their breast.”

What are your thoughts on Cynthia Bailey’s statement?


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  1. buss feed yellow says:

    Nene must sitting in corner somewhere laghing her azz off.
    This is not the first time and it will not be the last time.
    Everyone tried to tell her that her old man loved the ladies, but I think in Atlanta, you need to appears good, not matter how broken your home might be, how many times you are abused, cheated on and is shamed by your man’s actions with a younger woman.

  2. Shade says:

    Another made up story to stay in the spotlight.

  3. Wowzers says:

    So – which one has the money in this marriage? I am guessing him if she isn’t divorcing him over it.

  4. Mimi says:

    She is delusional. Peter is sleeping with that young thing. You don’t tongue kiss and touch a woman’s breast if you are just friends as he claims. Divorce the pig! You look like a fool.

  5. SuzyQ says:

    Mr & Mrs Thomas, its okay, applaud you Mrs. Thomas for standing your ground. Mr. Thomas, it not like it was 40 years ago when men could do their deeds in places that cater to the privacy of men..everyone has a cell phone man. Fact: men and women’s sexual desires change at different stages in physical development–be smart, continue to respect and love your wife but always consider the fact that you chose to invite the media microscope into your personal space…..honor your wife

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