Ne-Yo Crystal Renay And Announce Engagement And Pregnancy

September 3, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay are expecting their first child together. This is not the only big news that the duo is sharing, Ne-Yo also revealed that they are engaged to be married next year.

Crystal Renay

Congrats are in order for Crystal Renay and Ne-Yo, who are engaged and are currently expecting their first child. Ne-Yo, whose real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith, is already the proud father of a 4-year-old girl named Madilyn and one boy, Mason, 3, with his former girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw.

The baby and wedding announcements were accompanied by a pair of cute pictures and some clarifications about Shaw and rumors that Renay and Ne-Yo were already married. In a series of black and white pictures that were taken during a recent trip to Hawaii, Renay is seen sporting underwear by Calvin Klein while Ne-Yo lays his head on her tiny baby bump.

In the caption, Ne-Yo congratulated the mother-to-be and told her that he is watching over her. He wrote:

“Rest your soul chocolate, I’m watching over your heart now #neyo #CrystalRenay.”

The curvy bride-to-be replied with a very moving note in which she took the opportunity to slam the haters. The message read:

‘”No matter what they say” our Miracle is on the way and I couldn’t feel more blessed. You’re negativity means nothing to us. We are happy, we’ve BEEN happy and will always be HAPPY no matter what they say.

‘Thanking The Lord above for those who know my story know what this absolute miracle means to me. #BabySmith #Neyo #CrystalRenay #GodsChild #WasAlwaysInHisTime #BlindFaith ���� thank you all who are happy for our happy �� photo by @kincordell’

The producer and songwriter also cleared up the rumors that he is already married to Renay by saying that they are not true. Ne-Yo also decided to answer the people, who have been bashing him for what they assumed that he forced his ex-fiancée, actress Monyetta Shaw, to do.

Shaw, who is on VH1’s Atlanta Exes, recently shocked many by explaining that Ne-Yo made her tie her tubes because they did not want any more children. The mom of two said that she regrets the decision because if she meets a new man, she can not start a family with him. Ne-Yo gave his side of the story; the R&B crooner shared:

“Imma say this and leave it alone. THIS IS MY S—. MY LIFE. The decisions I make are for me and mine. My kids are healthy, taken care of and know what love is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mo and I are in a good place. Was I not expected to move on with my life!?!

Check this out; my money is right my money is right. F— ALL Y’ALL. I’M HAPPY. Anyone who disapproves can simply unfollow. It ain’t even hard to do. Make the green button not green. Much love to our congratulators. Y’all are who I was sharing this special news with in the first place.

‘The rest of y’all? F— OFF. I’M TIRED OF BEING NICE TO PEOPLE THAT DON’T DESERVE IT. None of you muthaf—– got nothing to say when you see me around no, then it’s ‘can I get a pic’ right? So from the bottom of my heart…SHUT THE F— UP. I’m done.”

Few were quick to remind Ne-Yo that his ex-girlfriend, Jessica White, fooled him by making him care and giving his last name to another man’s child, so they are telling him get a paternity test.


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Happy and it shows #NONFICTION2015

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  1. Belinda Marie Davis says:


    I understand that you are angry about the people that don’t care about you and are haters….I totally do. But, to tell people to F-bomb off is crass! I am sure you were raised better than that. I am probably old enough to be your Mom. I am also a minister of the Gospel and so many people look up to you are an Icon in our community…Would you please try and be more respectful of others when you address them. I am sure if you realized that the Lord was watching your behavior might settle on a different tone. Much love to you and your family!
    Be Blessed,

    Prophetess Belinda Marie Davis

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