Coyote Pups Caught In Lacey Storm Drain Rescued By City Worker

March 1, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Adorable coyote pups rescued in a Lacey storm drain are making headlines. Via Facebook, officials from the city of Lacey, Washington shared two pictures of the cute coyote pups being cared for by an employee.

Coyote Lacey storm drain

A cute trio of coyote pups found in a Lacey storm drain have many saying cuteness overload and asking where is the mother?

Earlier this week, officials from the city of Lacey in Washington took to Facebook where they uploaded pictures of a government employee with three coyote pups he had rescued from a storm water drain on Britton Parkway Northeast Wednesday.

Greg Lee, an official from the City of Lacey, stated:

“I just found three coyote pups in a storm system/ditch and saw mom coyote nearby.I put all three along the wooded tree line and all seemed much better.I’m proud to serve our community, even the small and furry,”

It is unclear how the coyote pups managed to get stuck and where the city plans to release them. The pictures went viral, and officials were bombarded with questions like, where is the mother coyote? Is there a video of the dramatic rescue?

Officials answered one commenter in a post, which read:

“The rescuer said that found three pups in a storm system/ditch and saw the mom coyote nearby and that he put all three along the wooded tree line nearby.”

Here are few comments from people who saw the pictures:

“Kimberly Glock Thank you for helping him. Sweetness!”

“Look at how cute it is.”

“I bet by Carpenter! There was an adult Momma looking around in a panic…probably her’s. She was right off the road and wouldn’t leave. Makes sense…”

What are your thoughts on the rescued coyote pups?

Look what we found … this little coyote pup was in a storm drain off of Britton Parkway!

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  1. Lisa Hartford says:

    Thank you for not killing these pups like what they are doing/have done with the bison.

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