Couple Mocks Garner Death By Miming Chokehold: Eric Garner’s Death Mocked On Live TV

December 5, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Couple mocks Garner’s death on live TV, video goes viral. The incident happened as WPIX reporter Allison Kaden was covering the protests near New York’s Rockefeller Center, following the non-indictment of police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner.

couple mocks garner death

Couple mocks Eric Garner‘s death during a news segment about the protests in New York, controversial move grabs headlines in a big way.

The incident has people talking, with some going as far as calling it racist, since it was a white duo mocking a black man who died after being put in an alleged chokehold by a white NYPD officer on July 17.

On the same day, a Staten Island grand jury voted not to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, this couple found nothing else to do than mock the deceased in front of a camera.

The non-indictment sparked outrage all over the country, leading to heavy protests in some major urban areas. Wednesday night, the protesters in NYC almost derailed the popular Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting, this is the story WPIX reporter Allison Kaden was trying to cover, when the couple mocked Garner’s death.

Kaden, who was very focused on her reporting, did not notice for a brief moment that two people were behind, mimicking Eric Garner’s final moment.

The man pretended to put the woman in a chokehold by putting his hands around her neck, when she understood what he was up to, she threw her hands in the air just like Garner did in July. The two individuals were laughing during the whole thing.

Garner, 43, a father of 6, died over 4 months ago in Staten Island, New York, after allegedly being put in a chokehold by a cop. The incident was filmed by a man named Ramsey Orta. Garner was resisting arrest as he was being accused of selling tax-free cigarettes by few officers.

Despite the video and a coroner’s report that linked the death to the banned police tactic, Pantaleo was not indicted.

Couple mocks Garner’s death on live television, some say it was tasteless, others say it was not that serious, what say you?


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