Couple Married 72 Years Die: Married Couple, Robert And Louise Bain, Died 6 Hours Apart

January 4, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Couple married 72 years die 6 hours apart, their incredible story goes viral. Robert and Louise Bain, who were married for 72 years, died the day after Christmas, few hours apart at a Georgia assisted-living facility. Believe it or not, another couple married 72 years, died days apart in England. Aquilla and Catherine Brant, who met in 1939, passed away during the year-end holidays.

Robert Louise Bain

Couple married 72 years die 6 hours apart, and story makes headlines. On December 26th, Robert and Louise Bain, spent their last moments on earth, together.

Louise, 90, died in the early hours of Friday at the Benton House in Alpharetta with her husband by her side. Less than 6 hours later, Robert, 92, passed away in the Georgia assisted-living facility, they had called home since 2011.

According to The Inquisitr, Robert and Louise Bain‘s daughter, Charlotte Tallent, explained that her father knew when his wife died. Tallent shared:

“The moment Mom passed, daddy grasped his chest.He knew she was gone.”

The couple met in a Texas church camp meeting in the early 1940s. Robert arrived at the meeting with his girlfriend, but after seeing Louise, he made a bold move.

Bain took his lady friend home, came back for Louise. They married on September 14, 1942 and stayed together for close to 75 years. According to the daughter, Robert was employed at the International Paper Company in Bastrop, Louisiana.

During World War II, he joined the Army Air Corps, where he worked on planes as a mechanic. Robert was later transferred to the Mississippi base, where Louise worked driving an Army truck.

In 1954, the pair moved to Rome, Georgia where Robert was employed at the Georgia Kraft Company for 31 years, until his retirement in 1985.

Tallent explained that her parents were a team, they did everything together. They loved to travel, fish, hunt, and garden. Ann Spell, a close family friend, who named her daughter after Louise, said that the couple inspired her. Spell revealed:

“You would always find them holding hands, you could just tell they were in love. They put the other person’s needs in front of their own; they were inspirational.”

Couple married 72 years die on Boxing Day, leaving behind two daughters, Charlotte Tallent of McCormic and Robbie Baker, a son, Larry Bain of Juliette, six grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.

Believe it or not, the headline “couple married 72 years die days apart” is also splashed in British newspapers.

Aquilla and Catherine Brant

On December 29, Aquilla Brant, 100, died just 12 days after his wife, 96-year-old Catherine Brant, passed away.

Catherine died on December 16, which was also Aquilla’s 100th birthday. The couple, who was married for 72 years, fell ill with pneumonia, over the holidays.

The lovers, who met in 1939, had a pact not to be parted. They also leave behind two daughters and a son, along with two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Both couples seem to agree that not staying angry and spending lots of quality time together, are the secrets to a long-lasting relationship.

Below is a report on a couple married for 72 years who died holding hands in 2011.


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