Cote de Pablo Joins ‘The Dovekeepers,’ CBS Miniseries To Air In 2015

July 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cote De Pablo Dovekeepers

Cote de Pablo Dovekeepers role has been revealed. Cote de Pablo will star in the miniseries called “The Dovekeepers” on CBS next year. “The Dovekeepers” based on Alice Hoffman book by the same title was inspired by events that occurred thousands of years ago. “The Dovekeepers” tells the incredible story of four women by the names of Yael, Shirah, Aziza and Revka who are struggling for survival in Masada, Judea in Israel after a siege lead by Roman governor of Iudaea, Lucius Flavius Silva in 73 or 74 CE. Cote de Pablo will take on the role Shirah also known as Alexandria a wise woman with powers.

Cote de Pablo has landed a role in the upcoming series “The Dovekeepers” which will air on CBS in 2015.

“The Dovekeepers” will be produced by the same duo composed of Irish actress Roma Downey and British filmmaker Mark Burnett who did “The Bible” for the History channel over a year ago.

The forthcoming television show is based on Alice Hoffman’s 2012 novel entitled “The Dovekeepers” which was loosely inspired by actual events that occurred in Israel over 2000 years ago.

The four-hour miniseries will share the tale of four very different Jewish women Revka, Yael, Shirah and Aziza who meet on the clifftop of Masada, Israel in 73 or 74 CE after Lucius Flavius Silva, the Roman governor of Iudaea ordered the Roman legion X Fretensis to overtake the region.

The Jewish rebels living in Masada originally fought the Roman legion as they made their way to the plateau but in the midst of the civil war they took the decision to commit mass suicide and burn their homes down au lieu of murdering their fellow Jews.

Only two women and three children survived.

In “The Dovekeepers” the stories of the four survivors will be told.

Shirah played by Cote de Pablo is a wise woman with magical powers who can cure the sick.

Revka a bread maker who watched her family massacred by Lucius Flavius Silva’s warriors and is caring for her grandsons who lost their speech after witnessing the death of their mother.

Yael a motherless child with an assassin as father carrying the death of her mom on her shoulders and Aziza raised to be a man and a fighter.


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