Cosby Spanish Fly: Old 1969 Jokes About Date-Rape Drug Haunt Bill Cosby

November 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cosby’s Spanish Fly joke has now come back to haunt him. In the wake of the recent rape allegations against Bill Cosby, a 1969 routine has been unearthed where he was joking about using the date-rape drug Spanish Fly.

Cosby Spanish Fly joke

Cosby’s Spanish Fly routine has resurfaced and with a total of 13 women claiming that they were sexually assaulted by the star, the world is watching this clip with a whole new perspective.

In the past few weeks, two women have come forward to once more share with the media, vivid details about the moment they were allegedly raped by one of America’s favorite TV dads, Bill Cosby.

In a recent article published in the Daily Mail, former actress Barbara Bowman revealed that in 1986, at the age of 17, she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Cosby as he was mentoring her. Bowman revealed:

“He turned out all the lights. It was completely pitch black. He laid me down on the couch and started caressing and touching me all over. Then he put my hand on his penis, covering it with his hand. He had me masturbate him.”

Days after Bowman’s accusations, Joan Tarshis, a journalist and publicist, came forward to say that in 1969, when she was 19 years of age, she too was assaulted by the comedian.

Tarshis and Cosby were writing together at Universal Studios in Los Angeles when she was drugged and allegedly forced to have oral sex with him. The woman claimed on a second occasion, she was raped by Cosby.

In light of these accusations, The Village Voice has unearthed a routine by Bill Cosby that was featured on his 1969’s “It’s True! It’s True!” album where he joked about using the date-rape drug Spanish Fly.

In the skit, Bill Cosby said:

“It always happens when you’re 13, only when you’re 13 on up ’til when you get married. Guys standing around and talking about Spanish Fly.You know anything about Spanish Fly?” “No, tell me about it.”

Cosby went on to add:

“Well there’s this girl Crazy Mary, you put some in her drink man, she, ‘Haaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

On Saturday, Cosby took part in an interview with NPR host Scott Simon where he froze when asked to comment on the rape allegations. His lawyer later issued a statement that read:

“There will be no further statement from Mr. Cosby or any of his representatives.”

Listen to Cosby’s Spanish Fly routine below.


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