Cop Charged For Kick: Thomas Webster, White Cop, Seen On Camera, Kicking Black Man , Lateef Dickerson In The Head [Watch Video]

May 9, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A cop charged for a “face-kick” on a suspect, claimed his action was justified. A Delaware Police officer named, Thomas Webster, who is Caucasian, was charged with assault for kicking Lateef Dickerson, an African American man, in the face and knocking him unconscious as he obeyed police orders during an arrest.

Cop charged for kick

The headline “Cop Charged For Kick” has put the race debate back on the forefront of the media.
A cop charged for kicking a black suspect is being slammed by some and defended by others. A video, which was ordered to be released by a federal judge showed Cpl. Thomas Webster IV, a member of the Dover Police Department, kicking Lateef Dickerson in the face.

The white police officer kicked the black suspect so hard that his hat flew off, and he was briefly knocked out unconscious. The 4-minute dash camera video clearly showed Dickerson obeying the two officers prior to being assaulted.

The incident occurred in August 2013, and the suspect sustained injuries to his jaw. The police officers arrested Dickerson because he matched the description of a person carrying a gun who took part in a brawl at a local service station.

Dickerson was not carrying a weapon during the time of his arrest. Dickerson may not have been in possession of a firearm that night, but he was arrested in the past multiple times for doing just that. He also landed in trouble with the law for DUI.

An internal investigation that same year found that the police officer violated department policy and he was therefore placed on paid administrative leave starting in November 2013.

The case was taken to a grand jury by former Attorney General Beau Biden, who was not able to get Webster indicted. Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, concluded there were no civil rights violation in a review of the case.

In June 2014, Thomas Webster returned to duty. The new Attorney General Matt Denn, who took office earlier this year, reviewed the case last week and decided to present it to another grand jury.

The police officer was arrested and charged this week with assault. His lawyer, James Liguori, said that evidence from another dashcam video and audio from the dispatch center will show that his client is innocent.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware, which had sued on Dickerson’s behalf, is now doing it again. Kathleen MacRae, executive director of the union, said:

“We believe that the video demonstrates the need for large-scale reform of the Dover Police Department, specifically improvements to their use of force and internal affairs practices, and supervision of their officers.”

Dover Police Lt. Jason Pires claimed the assault is an “isolated incident” in the department, which is composed of 12 black officers and 78 white officers.

La Mar Gunn, the president of the Central Delaware Branch of the NAACP criticized the police department’s decision to release the video because it could spark riots like in Baltimore and Ferguson.

“This premature release I don’t believe sends the right message, and it places unnecessary risk on members of the community,”

Mayor Robin Christiansen replied by saying that schools and stores in the area were notified prior to the video being leaked. Christiansen said the community has the right to protest, but those, who decide to break the law, will be arrested.

What are your thoughts on this case?


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  1. Quentin says:

    If there is a riot, an someone does something bad, can we have permission to use Thug NO MATTER THE COLOR PERSON’S SKIN.

    • FESTIE says:


      • Tupac said says:

        As Tupac defined it, a thug is someone who is going through struggles, has gone through struggles, and continues to live day by day with nothing for them. That person is a thug. and the life they are living is the thug life. A thug is NOT a gangster. Look up gangster and gangsta. Not even CLOSE, my friend.
        “That boy ain’t a gangsta, fo’sho’. Look at how he walks, he’s a thug. life. That’s the saddest face I’ve seen in all my life as a teen.”

        • Joking Right? says:

          Here is the real definition.
          a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
          (sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

        • WTF??? says:

          WTF??? OH IS IT BECAUSE HES BLACK HES a thug?? just because he got arrested by the cops hes a thug??? you f6cking idiot thats racist asf bitch!!!!??

        • WTF??? says:

          WTF??? OH IS IT BECAUSE HES BLACK HES a thug?? just because he got arrested by the cops hes a thug??? you f6cking idiot thats racist asf bitch!!!!??

    • Mike says:

      When you see the kick EVERY reasonable person clearly sees the REAL THUG!

  2. Trey Anderson says:

    I watched the video couple of times and the black man surrendered immediately. Yes he is not saint but the white cop had no reason to kick him. By the way do all black people look a like?
    Is that why they arrest that man, all brothers look like Jamie Foxx.

  3. FESTIE says:


  4. Courtroominyourmind says:

    Every picture tells a story. One thing, when a cop tells you to get on the ground, do what this suspect did. He was getting on the ground with hands behind his head. Apparently, not fast enough. Guilty as charged. Court Adjourned!

    • Looking on... says:

      You stupid imbecile, what the f6ck are you talking about? Not fast enough, so you are telling me you need to drop like a hot potato just because they’re cops? I would think any fast movements would get you in bigger trouble with dip shit cops like these on video. Let’s all face the fact that we have corrupt cops in every police station in the United States, and that a lot of them are being protected just because they’re cops. This racist son of a bitch should have never been given a uniform to put on, I say string him up by his nut sack and wait till the motherfucker’s nut’s are ripped away from his body!!!!

  5. dean says:

    When your in a fight and hear the man has a gun any thing is fare ask one of those colored if the they had shot one of the police was that fare ask Al Sarpton to comment on a dead police that one of his brothers shot never happens your all ways trying too put out one side of the story you don’t have to put up with the bad side of people every day like police do wake up your in the real world people are racist world is racist the government is racist

  6. Jarvis says:

    The Black Thug desired a kick in the face. People that comment a crime don’t need a pat on the hand to deal with them for an arrest. A good attorney will get the police officer off. 🙂

    • Beverly Prather says:

      A bad attorney will get the cops charges dismissed. The State will pay him.

    • Dave says:

      Honestly, your attitude shows you are a THUG (ie bully). Instead of a kick to the head I’m sure you were dropped on it.

    • Mike says:

      No one desires a kick in the face! Are you really that stupid? When you see the kick EVERY reasonable person clearly sees the REAL THUG!

    • SKYSUN says:

      You just keep on living and as sure as the sun shines, you’ll get just what you wish for others. KARMA is for real just keep waking up everyday your day and your children, childrens day is coming. just keep waking up in this insane world..

  7. Christ says:

    All I got to say is thank GOD that it was not me. Because if had been thing would be all over by now. Fire would have bee raining down from heaven on the entire town

  8. forrest says:

    Not cool to kick anyone in the face, but how many times do they need to ask him to get on the floor?

    btw – What up with background music??

    • kenya says:

      what are you kidding me the guy responded to the officer’s request immediately so he had no right to kick him in the face that’s pure racism right there so you need to watch the video again forrest

      • Mike says:

        I totally disagree with it being racism. The cop is just a very bad cop and thinks he has a “duty” to treat everyone, except members of the blue legion of course, like that. I hate to see the real problem be masked as racism because there are many like minded racist thinking individuals, that will justify the cops abominable actions just because the guy was black. There is a major major problem that is not being addressed. The Blue Brotherhood is the real problem. Just look how quickly ALL the other cops white, black or whatever, are willing to fill out totally untrue and slanted reports when every there is a situation involving another cop. I’d like to say that all cops aren’t bad but unfortunately the “good” cops aren’t man/woman enough to stand up against one of “their kind” which puts them into the bad cop category as well.
        The cops are getting to powerful and righteous and everyone needs to be thankful for the videos. Just check out what happened when 10 cops chase down a WHITE guy recently in Apple Valley Ca., There were both white and black cops in the group that took him down and beat him and he was totally complying with them. Why’d they do it? Because he made them run after him I guess. PEOPLE THERE IS A PROBLEM AND IT IS NOT JUST THE POLICE BEING RACIST. IT IS THAT SOME OF THEM ARE BULLIES AND THE OTHERS ARE WILLING LIE TO COVER FOR THEM. THERE NEEDS TO BE SOME VERY SERIOUS POLICING OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS ACROSS AMERICA. THE VIDEOS ARE THE FIRST STEP. EVERYONE NEEDS TO VIDEO EVERY ACTION OF EVERY POLICE SITUATION. BOTH GOOD AND BAD.

  9. Toni says:

    I could understand if the guy being arrested was fighting back or resisting arrest, but this was not the case here. The cop was wrong
    plain and simple. And those of you that say, the cop was justified…
    what’s wrong with you!? What if that was your brother, father or son?
    Police have to be held to a higher standard, other wiser how do we tell the bad guys from the good. I have a great respect for law enforcement
    agents… And my prayers are with them. I thank God for them.
    This I just another example of how black life is not held to the same standard as white life. And It has to stop!
    All life matter in the eyes of God. Black, white, hispanic, asian etc.

  10. Beverly Prather says:

    Covered this up for 2 years. They do far worse.
    Lynchings read the story , see the pictures.

    Police are brutal in Delaware, not just black people.
    I’ve seen them shoot a six years old kid point blank, they called that an “eviction”

    Joe owns Delaware and if you are not a member of his Aristocracy
    your toast.

    I took a police beating for demanding the incarceration of a rapist,
    they did worse to my daughter.

    I have had police walk right in my house and steal money
    no way is Delaware going to pay their victims. Poor people’s lawsuit money supports the Biden Aristocracy.

    Police are bad everywhere, but Delaware is the worst, because they get their orders , from Joe Biden

  11. RICHARD says:

    This happened in 2013, but since we are on a “HATE WHITE COPS” frenzy it is now news. ARE YOU FoCKING KIDDING ME!!!!

  12. Fred says:


  13. Ernie says:

    Any violence is wrong, and the cop should not have kicked the man, but this is also race baiting. There are plenty of black cops that are like that too, but they are usually not being shown, because then race baiting would be proven. This is not about racism, this is about an agenda that has been going on for generations to this day, and our president is part of it. And the system elite wants an excuse to have martial law.

  14. Black & Proud says:

    But when a black guy beat or kills a cop, the whole world is suppose to stop & cry?? Cops have kill blacks since the 1800s.. now it’s wrong for blacks to defend themselves? remember, act like a THUG, get your brains blown out like a THUG. That goes for any race..or organization

  15. Curtis Crowley says:

    Racist little bitch, glad everyone knows what your bitchass looks like, you need your pig face kicked in yourself fu*kin pu$$y.

  16. sunnystarr says:

    That dam come should not have a job and he sure as hell should not be a cop he is a bad man with a badge and thinks he can do what ever he wants which none of these cops like him should ever get away with the shit that they do! Who the hell does he think he is? The man was complying and this kick in his face was totally uncalled for! This cops needs to be FIRED and BEHIND BARS just like any other criminal!

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