Confederate Flag At Black Child’s Party Gets Jose Ismael Torres And Kayla Norton Harsh Sentences

March 1, 2017 | By The SpreadIt Reporter More

Jose Ismael Torres Kayla Norton Sentences

A black boy and his family having fun at a party were threatened by Confederate flags and gun-carrying white supremacists in 2015.

This week, the judge in charge of the case threw the book at the racist criminals who terrorized the African Americans attending the family gathering in Georgia.

In the courtroom, Judge William McClain, of the Douglas County Superior Court, handed two very severe sentences to 26-year-old Jose Ismael Torres and Kayla Norton, 25 – the pair is in a relationship and has at least two children together.

Torres will serve 13 years in prison and seven on probation. As for Miss Norton, she was sentenced to 15 years and will be behind bars for only 6.

The incident occurred in July 2015, just weeks after nine African-Americans were brutally killed in the hands of mass murderer Dylann Roof as they were attending bible study at a church in Charleston.

Before the massacre, Roof, a self-proclaimed white supremacist had shared many selfies on social where he was holding or standing in front of the Confederate flag.

According to the police report, Torres and Norton and 13 other people, who were part of a bizarre group called “Respect the Flag,” drove to Douglasville, Georgia to wreak havoc.

The dangerous clan, who had several Confederate flags and guns in their pickup trucks, crashed a party being thrown for an 8-year-old African-American child.

The partygoers were attacked and insulted by the menacing ten men and five women who formed the so-called “Respect the Flag” clan. The guests and the child were bashed with racial slurs and derogatory terms.

That clan, which believes that white people are superior to other races, also threatened to kill partygoers at the birthday bash.

At some point, Torres and Norton decided to act on the threats. Norton ran to her vehicle and returned with a loaded black pump shotgun and handed it to the father of her children.

Mr. Torres threatened to gun down everyone at the event including the kids.

Melissa Alford, the host of the party, said: “I was scared. My first thought was if these people start shooting at us, we wouldn’t be able to get all the kids inside the house in time.”

The couple wept upon learning the lengthy term of their sentences.

During the trial, one of the victims, Hyesha Bryant, pleaded with the judge to have mercy on Torres and Norton.


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