Migos Concert Stabbings: 6 People Stabbed At Hip-Hop Concert, But NO Suspect

March 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Albany concert, stabbings, gunshots and fights – yep, Migos were in town. This weekend, hip-hop group Migos played a concert in New York, where a massive fight occurred – which lead to concertgoers shooting guns in the air and vandalizing the venue. Stabbings and a robbery were also reported.

concert stabbings

Albany concert leads to stabbings and some people dare to say that the madness on Fox’s hit show Empire is not real. Reality is often worse than fiction.

On Friday night, Atlanta-based rapping group Migos composed of trio, Quavo, real name Quavious Marshall, Takeoff, real name Kirshnik Ball, and Offset, birth name Kiari Cephus, took the stage at the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, New York for a concert.

As the hip-hop group was performing some on its biggest hits like “Fight Night” and “Versace,” a riot broke out in the crowd. A group of young males started fighting, which prompted other fans to pull out their cameras to film.

During the brawl, a person pulled out a weapon and shot numerous times in the air. The melee lead to 6 stabbings, according to police officers who arrived on the scene after midnight.

Cops from the New York City Police Department revealed that a 21-year-old male said he had been stabbed by an unknown person at the concert. Five other concertgoers also told authorities they had been stabbed at the Armory.

One victim drove himself to a nearby hospital, while the other 5 were transported via ambulance. According to law enforcers, none of the victims had life-threatening injuries.

A 19-year-old woman revealed to the police that she was followed into the bathroom at the Armory by six people, who physically assaulted her and robbed her. The police have stated that they do not have any suspects at the moment, but they are investigating those claims.

This is not the first time, Migos have landed in trouble with the cops. Last fall, during a performance in Springfield, Massachusetts, for some unknown reason, Migos’ member Offset jumped into the crowd and punched a male concertgoer. The punch created a melee.

Some say that concert stabbings are making a comeback in hip-hop and it is very bad for a genre that was starting to gain more in terms of respectability. What are your thoughts on Migos’ concert drama?


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  1. Not_With_Stupid says:

    Black Lives Matter

  2. lilly hammer says:

    Hands Up ! Don’t stab !

  3. Dan says:

    Imagine that! Someone stabbed at a rap show. I agree Black lives matter. Where is Al Sharpton at to press charges? Oh yeah..its a black on black crime..that is ok in this country….hell someone should have opened fired on these thugs. fuck em!

  4. Dan says:

    The three in the pic …look like outstanding citizens. I am thinking Yale? Money money money yo!!! Make it rain biatches! Raise the roof! Somehow a white man will be blamed for this all!!!

  5. Big G says:

    Thug gotta act like thugs. Nomesayin’?

  6. zenn says:

    Who are the Nigos? never heard of em. They look like 12 year old kids with a handful of foodstamps at the store about to buy some now&laters and strawberry soda.

    • zenn says:

      Quavios,Kirshnik and Kiari?? Obviously there parents all smoked crack when they named these idiots.

  7. barry says:

    a stabbing, I’m shocked…..dems POlice probably made dems do it

  8. galen says:

    Typical behavior by “you know what!”

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