Colorado bear locked in car gets released

July 15, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Colorado bear is making headlines after getting stuck in a car. According to the owner of the vehicle, and the police officers, who were called to the scene, they have no idea, how the bear got in the vehicle.

Colorado bear in car

A bear in Colorado got stuck in a car, and no one knows how it got in there. On Tuesday, a teenager by the name of Annie Bruecker thought she was in serious trouble after she heard her mother screaming about something being in her car.

That thing turned out to be a giant bear. Bruecker, 17, a resident of Genessee, near Denver, discovered a young grizzly bear fooling around and destroying her vehicle. Bruecker and her mother rapidly called the police and explained the bizarre situation.

When Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies Josh Tillman and Brian McLaughlin arrived at the scene, they were as baffled as the Bruecker family. McLaughlin decided to record the entire incident and shared it with the world.

In the clip, you can hear the law enforcer asking several times: how did that bear get in the car? The doors were apparently locked, none of the windows were shattered, so how did the animal enter the vehicle?

That question has not been answered and probably will never be. Talking to local media, Tillman said:

“The bear was jumping from the back to the front running around as much as he could destroying about everything trying to get out.”

It has been confirmed that the Subaru suffered countless damages – the animal ripped the seats and the ceiling of the car. Bruecker said she had the car towed away and is now waiting on the insurance company to handle the matter. The teenager explained:

“The whole ceiling was ripped. The plastic sunroof cover was ripped out. My steering wheel was chewed. My neighbor actually described it as someone put a grenade in there and it just went off.”

Tillman added:

“Imagine about as much destructing as you can imagine in a car. He ripped door panels off. He tore the steering wheel off.”

Tillman again wondered, how did the bear get in the car. He asked:

“How did he get in? I don’t see a broken window.”

Bruecker has a theory:

“They’re smart animals so I wouldn’t doubt if he just opened the door and then let himself in.”

Bruecker went on to explain that while she had no food in the car, it is possible that the bear could still smell the takeout she had the day before. It took the authorities about 20 minutes to get the animal out of the car. One of the deputies popped the handle on the latch and the bear pushed his way out. Tillman stated:

“He kind of stopped and looked at us like no big deal and took off.”

Tillman said it was the first time he was forced to deal with a bear up close and hopes never to do it again. He shared:

“It was kind of a humorous situation, to be honest with you. He didn’t appear in danger. He didn’t appear harmed and he just looked like a dog in the car jumping back and forth.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office warned people to keep their car doors locked to avoid nasty surprises. Their statement read:

“Good work, deputies.[We] hope this young bear stays far away from cars in the future.”

What are your thoughts on this Colorado bear?


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