Coldplay ‘Amazing Day’ Adds New Flair To Group’s Catalog

September 28, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Amazing Day by Coldplay was debuted during the 2015 Global Citizen Festival, and the smooth track has fans getting emotional about the news that A Head Full of Dreams might be the band’s last album.

Coldplay Amazing Day

Coldplay debuted “Amazing Day” and fans are thrilled, but not many people are aware that the band was forced to perform seconds after accidentally breaking their piano. On Saturday, Coldplay was the first group that took the stage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival held in Central Park in New York City for a mini-concert that will be remembered by many.

As in the past 15 years, frontman Chris Martin was the curator for the event, (put together by an organization by the same name, which hopes to end extreme world poverty and inequality by 2030), this would explain why the band put on such a splendid show.

However, would you believe that Coldplay was forced to change their set and rearrange the band just seconds before going on stage? The band lost their most important musical instrument – their piano, as they were about to begin.

Since the show must always go on, the group dumped piano-driven tracks like “Clocks” and “Paradise” and opted for more acoustic tunes like “A Sky Full Of Stars.” The British stars brought out Ariana Grande, who rocked the stage with “My Everything” and “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart,” which was penned by One Direction’s Harry Styles.

The surprises were not over – Coldplay joined Ed Sheeran during his set to sing “Thinking Out Loud.” The English crooner told the crowd about Martin:

“When they asked me to play [Global Citizen], they asked me what song fitted in my sort of vibe, I wanted to play a song with someone who I’m a massive fan and admirer of, so I might as well bring him on stage.”

Coldplay also previewed a new song entitled “Amazing Day,” which is believed the be the first single lifted from their seventh and last album, A Head Full of Dreams, which has no release date at the moment. “Amazing Day” is a smooth and mellow track with lyrics like “And the view / the whole Milky Way / In your eyes / I’m drifting away.”

Fans enjoyed the show all while crying inside knowing that their favorite rockers have decided to part ways after their seventh album. Martin confirmed the heartbroken news of the split few weeks ago by saying:

“It’s our seventh thing and we look at it as the last Harry Potter book or something like that. Not to say that there won’t be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something. It was great to go from Ghost Stories right back in the studio. Now we’re making things that sound different and it’s a very fun time to be in our band. I have to think of it as the final thing that we’re doing – otherwise, we wouldn’t put everything into it. Then we’ll go on tour.”

Rolling Stone spoke to Global Citizen co-founder Ryan Gall about Martin’s dedication to the cause. Gall stated:

“[Martin] didn’t want to do just a one-off. He wanted to sink his teeth into it and really do some meaningful work,” Gall said. “He literally has called up artists. He called up Ed Sheeran personally. He called up Beyoncé personally. When we come up with an idea like, ‘Hey, do you guys want to collaborate on a song?’ it’s just festival people trying to make it happen. But if Chris has an idea of collaborating and doing something unique during the performance, it’s coming from the artist. It changes everything. ”

Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, Beyoncé and Michelle Obama were all present at the charity event.

What are your thoughts on Coldplay’s “Amazing Day?”


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