Colbie Caillat ‘Insecurities’ Played In ‘Try’ Music Video

July 31, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Colbie Caillat Try Insecurities

Colbie Caillat’s insecurities played a big part in the making of her latest music video “Try.” The “Try” video, was released on July 8, it has since gone viral with over 18 million views on YouTube alone.

Colbie Caillat is winning lately, her “Try” music video has become a real internet sensation. The clip went viral based on the powerful and positive message behind the song. It tells young girls and women at large, to embrace their true selves by dumping the artifices, that society wants to force upon them.

Caillat, pretty much like what Pharrell Williams did with his “Happy” videos, is daring those watching to take a step in the right direction. It can be a very small one, it does not matter, as long it is a move forward.

The 29-year-old artist, had to face her own insecurities, in order to remain authentic in what she was trying to convey. Caillat performed “Try,” at the Young Hollywood Awards’ 2014 in Los Angeles on Sunday. While making her way to the blue carpet, she was asked about her approach in creating the viral video.

The “Bubbly” singer told the Los Angeles Times:

“I’m used to always being Photoshopped and caked on with makeup, and when I started out with no makeup and I was just sitting there with these lights on and everyone was looking at me on the cameras, I was just all insecurities.”

Caillat, visibly touched and encouraged, by the success of the “Try,” is slowly opting for a more natural look these days. For instance, she went to the event on Sunday with very little makeup.

The singer was very honest, explaining that the responses the video generated, do inspire her to deal with her flaws. In clear, she inspired other women to embrace their natural beauty, them being inspired help her deal with her own insecurities.

The “Try” video, has sparked an intense conversation online, over what a woman should do in order to be successful. Some say, that putting on makeup, is just part of a strategy in order to present the better version of oneself to the world. Others suggest, building oneself on a lie will never bring the level of fulfillment required to be happy in life. Either way, Colbie Caillat is having a very good year.

“Try” was co-written by Caillat with Babyface and Jason Reeves. The upbeat track was produced by Max Martin and taken from the Gypsy Heart (Side A) EP that was released in June.


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