Cody Townsend Powder Line Of The Year: Cody’s Stunt Wins Coveted Prize

December 14, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cody Townsend Powder Line Of The Year award is well deserved. Townsend won the Line of the Year trophy at the 2014 Powder Magazine’s awards for his amazing stunt on the Tordrillo Mountains in Alaska.

Cody Townsend Powder line of the year

Cody Townsend Powder Line Of The Year trophy will forever remind him of his epic death-defying stunt. On December 8th, Townsend was honored at the 2014 Powder Awards in Salt Lake City with the Line of the Year trophy.

Cody Townsend was given the award for skiing what was deemed the most challenging line of 2014. Earlier this year, Townsend performed one of the wildest skiing stunts ever known to man and it only lasted 30 seconds.

Via helicopter, the Californian skier and daredevil traveled to the top of the Tordrillo Mountains near Anchorage, Alaska.

It is not clear if Townsend landed anywhere near the highest point, which is Mount Torbert at 11,413 feet or 3,479 m.

Townsend plunged through a very narrow crease in the steep mountain. Mr Cody Townsend explained that the chute was around five to six feet wide at its narrowest, leaving little room for error. Townsend confessed:

“The chute is probably 5-6 feet wide at it’s narrowest I’d guess.It was hard to tell though because honestly, I was going so fast I wasn’t paying attention to anything that wasn’t directly in front of me. You’re focused on where you need to go, not on the details of what’s around you.”

In the 90-second clip, which has over one million views on YouTube and that was featured in Matchstick Productions ski film, Days of my Youth, seconds before descending Cody Townsend looked at the camera and said:

“Holy f***!oh, I’m getting nervous”

Asked about the name of the peak, Townsend gave the following hilarious answer. He stated:

“There are so many mountains in Alaska that only the biggest and most iconic peaks tend to have official names.We have some unofficial name for the zone and for the chute, but they’re pretty vulgar and not quite fit to print.”

While Cody Townsend is thrilled to have pick up Powder’s Line Of The Year trophy, he has always stated that he never skied to win an award and it is just a passion he has had since childhood.

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