CM Punk Fired: WWE Fired CM Punk On His Wedding Day, Wrestler Tells All

November 28, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

CM Punk was fired from WWE on his wedding day that’s the big headline coming out of his first major interview since he left the company. The former popular wrestler is now telling all.

CM Punk Fired

Did CM Punk get fired from the WWE in 2014? Why did CM Punk leave WWE? These questions were frequently asked by WWE fans and they never got any answers until now.

When CM Punk exited WWE in early 2014, wrestling followers assumed that he left on his own to pursue other career opportunities. This could not be further from the truth. According to the newly retired wrestler, he was fired from the company on the day of his wedding to AJ Lee, a WWE female wrestler.

CM Punk whose real name is Phil Brooks said he had enough with the speculation and wanted to set the record straight in his own words. He used an appearance on Colt Cabana‘s podcast, Art of Wrestling, to clear the air.

The “longest-reigning WWE champion of the modern era” said that working with Vince McMahon‘s organization was very toxic and he never really enjoyed his collaboration with the company.

One of the main points of discord is the fact that CM Punk would go see his bosses with an idea to better promote the product, they would listen to him carefully and eventually turn down his proposal. But weeks later, Punk would witness another wrestling superstar benefiting from what he initially proposed.

According to Punk, it happened with John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. CM Punk insists that he is not blaming those wrestlers, but WWE is at fault for focusing more on big profit instead of the people who help make it all possible, the athletes.

A January suspension was the beginning of the end of Punk’s collaboration with the WWE. The wrestling legend said:

“The day of my wedding I got a FedEx in the mail. It was my termination papers. I was fired. I was fired, on my wedding day. Very calculated, very deliberate. As much as I chuckled at it and didn’t let it affect my day, I was like once again, you pushed too f****** far. You pushed the wrong guy.”

He went to add:

“The letter was ridiculous. It was like ‘your contract is terminated, you forfeit all of your royalty rights, you’re in breach of contract as of January. 27’. I’m not even a f****** lawyer and I know you can’t claim retro breach, you know what I mean? If I was in breach of contract on January 27 on January 28 they had to be like ‘you’re in breach of contract, we’re not giving you your royalties’.

And I would have been like great, fine, I’m going to go home because I have this staph infection that you refuse to treat and diagnose. Plus I have this concussion and I’ve needed time off for at least a year and you won’t give it to me. So, I just kind of laughed at that.”

In the two-hour interview, Punk touched on his health problems, constantly fighting with McMahon and his future. You can listen to the profanity-laced chat below.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk getting fired on his wedding day?


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  1. Jerry says:

    I have to give this man credit for standing up to some of the most controversial individuals in the State of Connecticut. I know how this company tries to screw a lot of people and yet, they promote themselves as so caring and such. Linda McMahon in her runs for Senate here always stated how “THEY” made WWE what it is. I think that one should look at what Vince McMahon’s father did. Also, they were bankrupt and now have the McMansion in Greenwich. I want to be that bankrupt, but have yet to figure out how to do it.

    Kudos to you Mr. Brooks on taking the steps that you have and doing what is important to you in life.

    Congratulations on your recent marriage as well.


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