Clowns Brawl: Battle With Protesters Goes Viral

April 20, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Clowns brawl at the circus that is the unexpected headline coming from California today. According to an official statement posted by Direct Action Everywhere, it was revealed that a group of clowns fought with animal rights protesters in San Bernardino at the Ramos Bros circus. Direct Action Everywhere claimed that the clowns started the brawl, and they injured several children and women during the attack.

Clowns brawl

Clowns brawl at the circus and the story goes viral. The group of activists known as Direct Action Everywhere or ‎DxE‬ was peacefully protesting under the big top at the Ramos Bros. Circus in Southern California Friday night when a fight erupted.

According to a lengthy statement issued by the group, as they were protesting outside of the big top, several clowns marched up to them and assaulted them. The animal rights protesters explained that several women and children were injured during the brawl.

They shared a picture of a female activist with countless bruises on her red and swollen face. However, the employees of the Ramos Bros. Circus claimed that the fight began around 8 PM as the show was about to start.

The clowns said that they were trying to stop the activists from entering the premises when all hell broke loose. Nicholas Shaw-McMinn, who is a member of DxE‬, claimed that the clowns used weapons during the brawl. He said:

“While we were on the property the employees locked us on the property and wouldn’t let us leave. They assaulted … multiple protesters, some with weapons.”

Shaw-McMinn also stated:

“Yesterday, #DxE activists in San Bernardino, including women and children, were assaulted by 6+ employees of the Ramos Bros circus. The activists were undertaking a peaceful demonstration outside of the circus, which has had reports indicating that animals such as camels, tigers, zebras, and horses are tied up so tightly that they cannot stand and forced to live in urine- and feces- covered enclosures.”

The activists versus clowns brawl lead to two members of the Direct Action Everywhere getting arrested, and two employees of the circus were injured. Abraham Santamaria, who took part in the melee, is still behind bars, and he is being held on a $5k bond.

Direct Action Everywhere has started a Gofund page to raise money for Santamaria. It reads:

Police refused to charge any of the circus employees. The defendant charged with assault, Abraham Santamaria, is a gay man and a person of color in an extremely hostile jail environment on $50,000 bail. We are asking the animal rights community to assist us in obtaining criminal defense and civil counsel on this matter. And offer financial support for Abraham and his partner Thomas to cover their legal fees. We need at least $5k to get him out of jail, and may need much more to cover legal expenses in the coming months.

The circus’ ringmaster, Oliver Ramos, spoke to local media saying that one of the activists hit him in the face and split his lips, and he was was beaten with his megaphone. Ramos shared:

“All of a sudden when I turned around one of them jumped on top of my uncle – he’s over 68-years-old – and they started beating on him and I reacted. When I pulled them off they hit me with a megaphone in the face and all these ladies started scratching me on the face.”

What are your thoughts on the clowns brawl?


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