Clooney Loses Job To Robot Nestle: George Clooney Dumped By Nestle Japan For Pepper The Robot

December 4, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Clooney loses job to robot. Nestle has given George Clooney’s job of representing the brand to a robot named Pepper. The four-foot robot, which can conversate will be used to promote Nestle’s Nespresso in more that 1,000 stores across Japan.

Clooney Loses Job To Robot Nestle

George Clooney loses job to robot. Yes, the rumors are true, the folks over at Nestle prefer a white plastic robot to George Clooney‘s mesmerizing handsomeness, according to Examiner.

In a press release issued by Nestle, it was revealed that George Clooney will no longer represent the company. Mr Clooney was featured in several print and television ads for Nestle’s Nespresso.

Matt Damon nor Brad Pitt will replace Amal Alamuddin‘s husband. Nestle has opted for a four-foot tall robot named Pepper to promote its coffee.

Pepper the robot was launched by Nestle in collaboration with SoftBank back in June. George Clooney’s replacement has a human-like face, a white plastic body with a tablet computer attached to its chest and rollers instead of feet.

The robots will be placed in more than 1,000 stores in Japan. According to Aldebaran, the French branch of SoftBank that developed the technology, the robot can understand about 80 percent of conversations and therefore help Nestle better target its clients.

And just like Ethan Woods, the Humanich on CBS’ Extant, the engineers behind Pepper the robot, claimed that its one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence will permit it to expand its conversational ability by listening to what customers say.

During a promotional event this week, the robot asked a customer:

“How do you enjoy coffee? Number one: An eye-opener coffee; Number two: A post-meal cup of coffee.”

In a joint statement, Nestle and SoftBank said:

“The robots will help us discover consumer needs through conversations between our customers and Pepper.”

The robot, which is also used for selling mobile phones throughout Japanese stores, will also go on sale to the public in February 2015 for 198,000 yen or $1,670 plus monthly fees.

Some say, Clooney lost his job to a robot because he is no longer single. Others claimed that Nestle dumped the popular actor because he is too busy, which is hard to believe because his last movie The Monuments Men bombed, he has no projects lined up for the upcoming months except a Downton Abbey skit.

In 2012, Clooney explained in an interview why he does commercials overseas. According to The Inquisitr, he stated:

“I’m trying to make movies in my life that last longer than opening weekend. That’s it, that’s my whole goal… I don’t have to make money; I do films for scale and then, you know, I go do coffee commercials overseas, and I make a lot of money so I get to live in a nice house. And I don’t give a s***. And people will go, ‘Oh that’s a sellout.’ And you know what? F*** you.”

What are your thoughts on George Clooney losing his Nestle Japan job to a robot?


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  1. Bill says:

    Considering his vulgar language and attitude toward his “Fan’s”, I say, let him go broke then he would have to move back to Kentucky. Now wouldn’t that be a bit*h.

  2. MsV says:

    George Clooney is overrated as an actor which contributes to his overblown ego. The best factor that catapulted his career was being born into a successfully- talented family. He’s a good man, who now believes his celebrity qualifies him for greater things…namely politics…I don’t think so, George…don’t let the Robot get you down, and start living and taking pride in the good old USA.

  3. Nancy Robinson says:

    There is no such word as “conversate.”

  4. conversate
    Word Origin
    verb (used without object), conversated, conversating. Nonstandard except in some dialects.
    to have a conversation; converse; talk.

  5. Pam says:

    Good thing Amal works.

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