Clooney Evades Baby Plans Question While Promoting ‘Tomorrowland’

June 2, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Does George Clooney’s have baby plans? Does Amal Clooney approve of having children? So many questions are being thrown at George Clooney as he tries to promote his new movie Tomorrowland and thus far he is not answering any of them.

Clooney Baby Plans

George Clooney‘s baby plans will not be revealed anytime soon, because unlike Kim Kardashian, the actor and his lawyer, author, and activist, wife Amal Clooney seem to believe some things should be kept private.

Clooney has been making the promotional rounds to push his new movie Tomorrowland, which also stars, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Thomas Robinson, Tim McGraw, and Kathryn Hahn. The flick follows the extraordinary adventures of a former boy genius, Frank Walker (Clooney), and a teenager named Casey Newton (Robertson), who are transported into a futuristic cityscape known as Tomorrowland.

However, the reporters George Clooney have been talking to have baby fever and have one question on their minds – when will he and his wife Amal Ramzi Clooney have a child? Most of the time, Clooney, 54, avoids answering.

On Mother’s Day, Clooney was at a Beverly Hills hotel talking to reporters when one shouted, “when are you having a baby?”

The actor laughed and replied, “Thank you for asking.” George Clooney tried to focus on the film, but was hit by another baby question. He politely told the journalist:

“I knew you were going to get to it somehow. I didn’t think you’d go the Mother’s Day route.”

According to The Inquisitr, the entertainment industry is obsessed with Clooney and his wife procreating because they are “intelligent, gorgeous, cultured, and socially conscious.”

While George Clooney was not interested in sharing with the world how many times he and his wife of one year are having sex to conceive a baby, he did say what kind of father he envisions to be. The star explained:

“What I loved about the film was that it reminds you that young people are not born and start out their lives cynical or angry or bigoted. You have to be taught all of those things. I watch the world now and think, ‘Well, I see really good signs from young people out there and I feel as if the world will get better.'”

Clooney sat down for an interview with CBS’ This Morning, where Charlie Rose went straight to the baby chitchat.

“It hasn’t been high on my list,” Clooney told Rose, but after being quizzed, he added, “I’ve thought about [having children] I suppose, but I haven’t really — it hasn’t been high on my list. I’ve been asked a lot lately because I’ve gotten married and I’m doing a movie with kids in it. You should see how creative the way they ask me.”

Rose, who was determined to get the actor to spill the beans, added an emotional element to his mini-interrogation by saying, “You know why I’m asking you, though, because you have such a great dad, and you’re so close to him. That must be a powerful emotion for you.”

However, Clooney did not fall into the trap, “it is, and I’m really close with my mom, too,” he responded. “I’m really close with my family.”

The famous German newspaper Bild found another way to get an answer to the question: Do Amal and George Clooney have baby plans? Bild fabricated a quote where George Clooney said that while he is hoping to start a family, it is not for now because Amal is busy saving the world by being a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, specializing in international law, criminal law, human rights, and extradition. She is also an adviser to the King of Bahrain, a professor/lecturer and just sometimes a fashion icon.

Why do you think Clooney keeps evading the baby question?


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  1. Bella K Stevenson says:

    The Clooneys might or might want a family – who cares.
    It is none of your bees wax, celebrities should the right to have some privacy. Would the nosy reporters liked it if everyone knew every little secret they are hiding? George should have asked the reporter are you gay? do you beat your wife? do you cheat on your taxes or your wife? do us use drugs? See all of sudden it’s less funny.

  2. Lu so says:

    They would make beautiful and highly intelligent kids. Keep trying, when the time is right God/Allah will make parents out of you. Have faith.

  3. Oh boy says:

    Lu were you sleeping in biology class??
    They need to have sex to have a child no pray to some make believe god.

  4. Bon Bon says:

    George aint gonna be one of those old pops, that’s why it aint high on list.

  5. Hot In Cleveland says:

    The journalist should have asked good old Clooney to explain why he is supporting Gore’s BS climate change theory?
    Waite, is that the reason why he’s holding out on the baby, does he really think the earth will be gone by the time his son or daughter is ready for college?

  6. Me Teacher! says:

    I know why they are not having kids, it’s because he needs his free time to travel the world and get arrested while he is pretending to do very very, super duper, important humanitarian work like his good friend Angelina Jolie. These two should have gotten married.

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