Did CJ Wilson Lose Fingers In Fourth Of July Fireworks Accident?

July 9, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Did CJ Wilson lose two fingers in a Fourth Of July fireworks accident? According to a close family member, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback did indeed lose two fingers, but the NFL player and his agent have refused to share details on Wilson’s injuries thus far.

cj wilson lose fingers

Many fans are wondering, did CJ Wilson lose two fingers? The answer seems to be yes. Football lovers were also hit with the news that New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul injured three fingers and had his right index finger amputated earlier today.

Both NFL players were injured while handling fireworks and according to Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworks, dozens of people are injured every year by fireworks – which is why it is always advised to go to local parks instead of manipulating fireworks.

According to the advocacy group:

“In 2011, fireworks caused an estimated 17,800 reported fires, including 1,200 total structure fires, 400 vehicle fires, and 16,300 outside and other fires. These fires resulted in an estimated 40 civilian injuries and $32 million in direct property damage.”

It has been revealed that during the Fourth Of July weekend, Pierre-Paul blew his palm, three fingers as he was handling fireworks in Florida. Hours before the incident, Pierre-Paul, posted a picture on Instagram showing a van filled with fireworks.

Despite the incident, Pierre-Paul is expected to return to the field in two months. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

“Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul finger amputated today. Medical source expects him to play this season, “sooner than people think.”

As for CJ Wilson, the situation is a bit more complicated. A family member spoke to local media saying that during the 4th of July weekend, Buccaneers cornerback C.J. Wilson’s hand was seriously injured in his home in Lincolnton, North Carolina.

The relative explained that C.J. Wilson was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors were forced to amputate two fingers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released a brief statement, which read:

“It is our understanding that the injury occurred to one of his hands and our primary concern at this moment is for his long-term health.We have been in contact with C.J. and are continuing to monitor the situation.”

No other details were given. It is rumored that he will be released from the hospital next week, but no one knows what the future holds for Wilson, who signed a two-year, $1.08 million deal in 2014. He might stay on the team as he recovers, or might be traded off or be put on the non-football injury list.

What are your thoughts on C.J. Wilson’s injury?


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  1. keith goodman says:

    oh well, stupid hurts

  2. Margaret says:

    How did ESPN acquire these records? What happened to HIPPA?

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