Cindy Crawford Kids Model And Break The Internet With A Huge Dose Of Cuteness

July 14, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cindy Crawford’s kids model for CR Fashion Book and the pictures are simply stunning. One of Crawford’s children, 13-year-old Kaia Gerber, spoke to the publication and explained that her mother has been helping out with her burgeoning modeling career.

Cindy Crawford Kids Model Pic

Cindy Crawford‘s kids are now models, and the mom could not be prouder. The accomplished businesswoman and author can now add fashion consultant to her impressive resumé.

Cindy Crawford’s children – Presley, 16, and Kaia Gerber, 13 – are featured in CR Fashion Book Issue 7, which will be released in September.

The mag shared one snapshot where the Gerber children can be seen along with a male model posing in front of a vintage car. Kaia Gerber, who recently signed with IMG models, is dressed in Versace from head to toe.

The teenager looks very grown-up in a Versace sweater, and green boots along with a very colorful dress and leopard tights. As for Presley, a photographer in the making, he is pictured in jeans, sports jacket, holding two cameras. The third model is decked out in a strange outfit composed of a football uniform and cowboy hat.

The second picture features Cindy Crawford’s daughter in a pink dress, a green and black sweater with stars around her eyes. Crawford’s teenage daughter did a lengthy interview where she confessed that when she is not in school or modeling, she is taking acting classes, dancing or playing tennis.

Miss Gerber said that her mother has been very hands-on with her career and has been given her a lot of great advice. The child said:

“She told me that I should have a thought behind what I’m doing. You can’t just look off somewhere and not have any thought behind it. Think about being in love or being happy or sad. Each pose should have a thought behind it. It’s almost like acting.”

She added:

“She’s taught me how amazing the fashion world is and how you can apply some of the lessons to your everyday life. She didn’t have her mom to tell her anything about it. Having someone to look up to and have that advice is going to be so helpful. She had a pretty good go at it, but she had to learn the hard way.”

Stylist Carine Roitfeld and photographer Bruce Weber, who worked with the young models, said that they were very sweet and very intelligent. Roitfeld, who has been working with Cindy Crawford for years, revealed that she is not at all surprised by the kindness of her kids.

Cindy Crawford’s beautiful kids model, do you think they can make it in the fashion industry? What are your thoughts on the photos?


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