Chinese Official $65,000 Contract: Man Pays Off Mistress Who Leaks Contract

September 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Chinese official $65,000 contract

A Chinese official had a $65,000 contract with his mistress who decided to show the document to the media. The ensuing scandal got him fired and his story has now gone viral.

In July of 2013, for some unknown reason, maybe guilty conscience, Guo Shuanglong took the decision to end his long-term affair with his mistress.

Shuanglong was a municipal environmental protection official from the Chinese province of Shanxi. The Chinese official was harassed and stalked by the mistress for several months.

The angry woman even went as far as confronting Shuanglong’s wife and kids.

In August of 2014, the official gave in to the scorned woman’s demands and had her signed a termination contract in exchange of the sum of 400,000 yuan or about $65,000.

The contract between the official and his former mistress stated that both party would never see each other again. It also stipulated that the unnamed Chinese woman would leave Shuanglong’s family alone.

The mistress made sure her $65,000 were secured in a bank and took the contract to local media outlets.

The Chinese official was rapidly fired from his post and was blasted because he acted like a spoiled bourgeois in a country where $65,000 represent almost three years of salary for an average citizen.

Shuanglong was not the only one to get fired from Shanxi’s party leadership after President Xi Jinping vowed to fight corruption. Another official who had the wonderful idea to bear witness to the contract was also given the boot.

Half of the officials from Shanxi have been sacked for corruption investigations and other reasons, special elections will take place on September 28.

This is not the first time that China’s ruling party had to face scrutiny over a “love-affair contract” gone wrong. In November 2013, the Telegraph published a piece that read:

A Communist Party official is relieved of his duties after a contract between him and his mistress leaked onto the internet revealing how the pair had agreed binding terms for their illicit affair.

As China becomes more liberal socially, these stories will become more common.


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