Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne Dismembered Over $200

July 26, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne Picture

Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne was murdered by her landlord Leah Cuevas over $200. Cuevas attempted to get away with the crime by hiding the dismembered body parts all over Long Island. Cuevas killed Thompson Browne on July 5th after a heated argument over the fact that the mother-of-four refused to pay for utilities that she was not getting. Neighbors heard Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne screaming and begging for her life which, prompted them to call the police. Leah Cuevas may serve 25 years behind bars.

Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne, a mother of three little girls and little boy was killed on July 5th by her fake landlord Leah Cuevas in New York.

According to a police report on Independence day the two women had a fight after Thompson Browne told Cuevas she was paying $200 instead of $400 because she had no electricity and running water.

During the heated exchange Thompson Browne who arrived in the United States in 2013 from Guyana told Cuevas who was accompanied by her husband that she heard that she was sleeping with another man living in the apartment complex.

The following day, Cuevas returned to the apartment and fought again with Chinelle LaToya.

Neighbors said they heard Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne saying sorry several times before screaming for help.

They rapidly called the authorities who made a gruesome discovery. Thompson Browne had been decapitated, dismembered and several body parts were missing from the crime scene.

It took officers almost one week to find all of the parts.

Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne’s legs and torso were found in Bay Shore on July 8th.

On the 9th of July, they stumbled on an arm in Hempstead. The other arm emerged in the same area on the 10th.

The woman’s head was found in Boylston on July 17.

During the investigation it was revealed that Leah Cuevas was stealing the rent money since her uncle – the real landlord died over a year ago.

Cuevas is facing up to 25 years in prison. Chinelle LaToya Thompson Browne’s family could not understand why she was killed over $200.


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  1. crazy says:

    this dumb bitch need to burn in hell how dare her like how could she thats so f*cked up i cant believe this happened my heart goes out to chinelle family god take care babys and fools and she damb sure is a f*ckin fool god is goin to take care of her

  2. cutiepie1111 says:

    I jus really feel bad for the family and kids. Jus to be that young and go thru something like that is horrible. And to kill a person over that means you have no remorse or sanity within yourself

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