Chicago, 10 Shootings A Day: June Crime Stats Are Alarming For ‘Chiraq’

July 2, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Data shows that there are about ten shootings in Chicago a day, and at least two result in deaths. According to experts, the disturbing amount of violence is mainly due to gang fighting, joblessness, and easy access to guns.

Chicago 10 Shootings A Day

A new report showed that there are at least ten shootings a day in the streets of Chicago, no wonder some have given the city the sad nickname of Chiraq. The police statistics on Chicago violence were released for the month of June.

The data showed that there were 355 shootings and 429 shooting victims, which is about 100 more compared to 2015. There were also 72 murders last month, up from 46 in June of 2015.

According to the police, those crimes are being committed by repeat offenders, who can easily purchase illegal guns. Officers have removed over 4,300 guns off the streets, a 30 percent increase from last year.

Law enforcers have confirmed that a majority of the shootings are linked to gangs. Experts explained the reasons for the high volume of violence by saying:

“A complex mix of factors is driving the violence. But much of the bloodshed can be linked to gang conflict over everything from petty disputes to control of drug dealing, as well as the splintering of gangs into smaller cliques fighting over a few blocks at a time and easy access to guns.”

They added:

“Yet there are deeper societal problems at play as well, including long histories of poverty, joblessness, segregation and neglect in these crime-ridden neighborhoods.”

Chicago FOP President Dean Angelo, Sr. agrees that more needs to be done, but tougher gun laws are not in the works. He stated:

“We have very good gun laws in Chicago we just don’t enforce them. Years ago you spent more time in jail for having parking tickets outstanding than you did for being in possession of a handgun. That’s gotta change. When these individuals are out there in possession of a deadly weapon they need to pay the penalty for doing that and that sends a message that reverberates in the communities.”

The depressing data was released just days after officials announced that there would be thousands of officers in the streets and at airports for the July 4th weekend. According to Superintendent Eddie Johnson, there will be more than 5,000 Chicago police officers, FBI agents, and Illinois State Police troopers on duty for the national holiday.


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