Chi O Sorority Racist Snapchat: Alabama Sorority Comes Under Fire For Racist Snapchat

August 19, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Chi O Sorority Racist Snapchat

Chi O sorority racist Snapchat has gone viral. Chi Omega sorority from the University of Alabama was left red-faced, after three of their members posted a racist Snapchat with the message “Chi O got NO niggas!!!!!”. The racist Snapchat was shared just hours after Chi O accepted two African American women into the sorority. The young woman behind the controversial Snapchat has been dumped.

The Chi O sorority racist Snapchat that surfaced on the internet has forced the leader to kick out one of her sisters and issue an apology.

On Monday, a shocking image was anonymously leaked to the popular college website Total Frat Move.

The Snapchat featured three females, wearing tank tops, sun glasses and taking a fun selfie. On the picture, the ladies who had their faces photoshoped wrote: “Chi O got NO niggas!!!!!”

The pic attracted hundreds of comments and few dozens of bizarre theories. The site, which broke the story received several emails saying that the image was altered.

Others claimed it was a hoax created by Total Frat Move to get traffic. That allegation was backed by a first statement released by Chi Omega spokeswoman Whitney Plumpton who appeared to be certain that the racist pic was fake.

One day later Miss Plumpton is eating her words. A thorough investigation into the matter revealed that the nasty Snapchat was authentic.

One of the three sisters featured in the snapshot has been given the boot and is no longer living in the Chi Omega’s Nu Beta chapter.

Chi O has also announced that last week, two African American students were admitted into the sorority.

There is a possibility few Caucasian sisters were not pleased to have minorities in their midst and cooked up the insulting Snapchat to voice their anger.

Chi O, which was under fire last year for not being too welcoming to women of color issued a statement on the racist Snapchat that read:


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