Cheating Husband’s Flight Diverted: Qatar Airways Pilots Make Emergency Landing After Angry Wife Discovered Affair Mid-Flight

November 8, 2017 | By TheSpreadit More

Cheating husband flight diverted Qatar Airways

A cheating husband’s flight was diverted after his angry wife found out about his dubious behavior mid-flight while on a Qatar Airways plane that was heading to Bali from Doha on November 5.

The Iranian woman used her spouse’s fingerprints to access his phone — he was asleep when she did all of this. As soon the female passenger understood what was in front of her, she started hitting the alleged cheater.

The things she found on the device reportedly rocked to her core, and she could not contain her rage. The crew tried to calm things down without any success and pilots were forced to opt for an emergency landing in India.

The couple and their child were removed from the aircraft after the incident. A person with knowledge of what happened after the landing told the Hindustan Times, “the family spent the day at Chennai airport. No police action was taken.”

There might be more to the story, according to the New Indian Express, a local publication in Chennai. The woman at the center of all of this drama might have been drunk, and she was told to sober up before she could board the next flight to her initial destination.

The family did leave India together, but it is unclear if the heartbroken wife will stay with her husband.

The story about the alleged affair that diverted a flight went viral and sparked a lot of reactions online.

Most commenters say although she might have taken things a bit too far, they can understand her motives.

“She did not do anything wrong,” one supportive female voice said. A jokester added, “she shut it down!”

Qatar Airways has not responded to requests for comments from the media.

While looking at phones is a popular method to find out clues about a cheating partner — according to a recent survey, most people who faced that situation say following the suspected cheater is a more efficient way to out them.


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