Chauncy Black Doughnuts Story Will Melt Your Heart

June 26, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Chauncy Black was hoping to get few doughnuts, but instead, he received almost a quarter of a million dollars. A chance encounter with a kind man by the name of Matt White led to the creation of a GoFundMe page for Black and his physically challenged mother, who were almost homeless.

Chauncy Black doughnuts

You never know when a good Samaritan will show up and save the day; that is what 17-year-old Chauncy Black has learned after he approached Matt White and offered to carry his groceries in exchange for few doughnuts.

On June 10, Mr. White, a music producer from Memphis, Tennessee was shopping at a Kroger grocery store when a teenage boy approached him. Black was wearing old clothes, looked tired and hungry, but he did not only ask for a handout, but he was also willing to work for food.

The 17-year-old boy told White he wanted to carry his groceries in exchange of glazed doughnuts. White said his heart melted when he heard the words “glazed doughnuts.” The pair went back to the store where he purchased pizza, doughnuts, and few toothbrushes for the teenager.

The duo spoke, and White learned the following about the teen:

He is a straight A student. He lives with his mom, who is a certain age and is disabled. Their home was recently burglarized, and they were unable to pay the rent.

It was around 9 PM when White met Black, (how beautiful is that White and Black), so he decided to drive him back home so he could keep the money he had for the bus. When White got to Black’s home, he discovered that the situation was even worse than expected.

The fridge was empty, the mother and son had no furniture other than an old torn down sofa, and they were forced to use trash bags as mattresses. As stated above, the young Black is a hard worker; he told White that he needed money to buy a lawnmower so he could cut grass and help his mom with the rent.

Moved by all that he witnessed that night, he took to Facebook and GoFundMe where he set out to raise 250 bucks to get the young man that lawnmower. The story took a life of its own, the post on Facebook has over 10k Likes, and almost 10k people have contributed more than $228,338.

People have contacted White to offer jobs, clothes, shoes, buy the lawnmower, give groceries, and even to help get a house. Here is what White wrote on Facebook:

I didn’t think it could happen, but it did. I’m 30 years old and I have a new hero.

And he’s 16.

His name is Chauncy Jones Black, and last week, by God’s beautiful design, he met me. I’ll never forget it, here comes this kid inside the Highland Kroger asking if he could help take my groceries to my car in exchange for buying him some glazed donuts.

He had me at donuts. lol

What followed was perhaps one of the most cherished experiences of my life. That night, in a fun-filled shopping spree together, I was able to share in Chauncy’s life, learn his story, and for at least one night, help him with his struggle.

Chauncy lives in Memphis with his disabled mother. He is a straight A student who is doing his best to make it in a world with no money and very few resources. He wants to work and help his mother financially. He wants to become a successful business owner and offer jobs and opportunites to others in his community. What so many can take for granted, he wants. He wants food, he wants a bed, he wants to work and he wants a chance.

I’ve created this go fund me page to help Chauncy have that chance. It starts small. A simple act of kindness, but it can ripple out and create an ocean of prosperity in the world.

The first step is to get Chauncy’s basic needs covered and to get him working. Right now he doesn’t have an ID so he cannot apply for regular jobs until he gets that handled (we’re working on that). Until then, he says he likes mowing lawns. So my hope is to raise enough money to get him a push mower.

Edit: when I started this 4 days ago, never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would happen!! I started by asking for $250 to get Chauncy a lawn mower, lol!!! Oh my goodness !!! People have been showering Chauncy and his mother in an ocean of love and support. At this rate, I have started talking to some people about helping find them a house of there own!!! Can you imagine?! They could go from not being able to pay rent to owning home owners!!! All because of the love of strangers. This is really happening?!?! Yes, it absolutely is. Thank you all so much!! God bless you all!!!!

What are your thoughts on Chauncy Black and Matt White’s story?


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