Centerplate CEO Dog: Centerplate CEO Sorry For Kicking Dog Video

August 30, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Centerplate CEO Dog

Centerplate CEO dog abuse video has sparked outrage and lead to a petition demanding that he be fired. A clip showing Des Hague, the CEO of Centerplate kicking and dragging a dog in an elevator has gone viral. While the CEO has apologized for the little dog named Sade, many want the board of Centerplate to fire him.

The CEO of Centerplate should have talked to Solange Knowles before deciding to physically abuse a dog in the elevator of a fancy hotel and thinking that no one would know about it.

Last month, the CEO of Centerplate named Desmond Hague better known as Des Hague who was staying at the The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia in Vancouver, Canada was caught on security video beating a dog.

The disturbing clip showed the business mogul entering the elevator with Sade and immediately he starts kicking her.

After beating the Doberman puppy, the multi-millionaire grabbed her by the collar, chocking her as he lifted her off the floor, according to Examiner’s Linsey Bald.

An employee of the hotel who saw the surveillance video turned it over to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The organization discovered that the small dog belonged to the CEO of the $6 Billion sports catering company and rapidly removed Sade from her cruel owner.

An animal expert who viewed the clip said by the dog’s reaction, the CEO has mistreated her in the past.

Mr Desmond Hague has apologized for his behavior and explained that he hit the dog because he wanted to punish her.

The head of the Connecticut based company said in a statement that he was frustrated by the way Sade conducted herself upon seeing another animal that belonged to his friend.

The American CEO also said sorry to his family, to the entire company and his clients.

The board of directors of the major concessions company also issued a statement of their own where they revealed that the CEO will donate $100k to the newly created Sade Foundation.

The foundation, which was launched in honor of the poor dog he mistreated will help animals in Canada.

The animal beater has been ordered to serve 1,000 hours of community service in a charity that aims at protecting defenseless pets.

Despite the mea culpa, the probation period, the donation, a Canadian woman has launched a rapidly growing petition that demands that the CEO be fired from his post.

The animal lover named Erica Perry has collected over 100k signatures via for her petition that states the CEO must go or sports fans will start boycotting the company.

Some fans say they will never buy snacks from the company again, especially hot dogs.

Below is the video of Centerplate CEO’s dog abuse.


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  1. Dog fan says:

    That’s one big PR mess.

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