Kristin Cavallari Weight Loss Credited To Pilates

October 28, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

The Cavallari 20-pound weight loss story is still grabbing headlines. Television personality, Kristin Cavallari who welcomed her second child, Jaxon Wyatt, five months ago, has lost 20 pounds and is being praised in the media for getting her pre-pregnancy body back in a very short time.

Cavallari 20 pound loss

Kristin Cavallari’s 20-pound weight loss is a fascinating tale of dedication, dieting and great genes. So, what is Cavallari’s weight loss secret? The former reality star’s Pilates instructor, Angeline Mitchell, is doing some talking that may help other women trying to lose baby weight.

Mitchell started by saying that the mother of two who looks gorgeous, may now be at a lower weight than before she got pregnant with her second son in 2013. Mitchell works out with Cavallari twice a week for about an hour, this mixed with once-a-week strength-training was enough to get the 27-year-old back in her old jeans, just one month after giving birth. Mitchell shared some of their routines with PEOPLE, she stated:

“We start out doing a single-leg stretch, which strengthens and stretches at the same time. We don’t do a lot of repetitions, but we’re really focused on how strong her form is. We might do a double-leg stretch, where both arms and legs are moving at the same time. Then we’ll do scissors, and then we do a little twisting. You’re getting the body in all different planes of motion, and you’re also using all of your abs.”

Cavallari’s 20-pound weight loss has turned her into an even bigger media sensation. It is hard to go one day without a new article popping out about how hot Kristin Cavallari looks. The shoe designer deserves all the praises she is receiving for her hard work, but some are hoping that she will not take the weight loss further. The fashion diva was never big to start with, so if she loses too much weight, she may be entering dangerous territory.

What are your thoughts on Kristin Cavallari’s 20-pound weight loss?


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