Cavaliers Thompson Deal Fail: Tristan Thompson Turns Down $52M, Hoping For Better Deal Later

January 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

The Cavaliers Thompson drama has many basketball fans shaking their heads. It has been reported that Tristan Thompson was offered the impressive amount of $52 million by the Cleveland Cavaliers for four years.

Tristan Thompson

The current Cavaliers Thompson drama will last several months and the outcome might not be what the athlete is hoping for. Earlier this week, Yahoo Sports broke the news that the Cleveland Cavaliers have proposed a four-year, $52 million contract extension to Canadian player Tristan Thompson, and to their surprise, he refused.

Tristan Trevor James Thompson, who signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011, is not the best player on the team. His stats are as followed – in the last 39 games, he had an average of 9.7 points and 7.6 rebounds.

While Mr Thompson is not the top scorer on his team, he has something else, or should we say someone else going for him. Thompson is represented by LeBron James‘ agent, Rich Paul, and as always King James dictates who plays and who coaches his team.

The owners of the Cavaliers assumed that the 23-year-old would accept $10 million a year, but he declined and they understood that the man behind James is a tougher negotiator than previously thought. Officials offered $12 million, then $13 million and Thompson said no because he is certain that when James is ready to negotiate his contract this summer, Mr Rich will be able to get him an above market deal.

Thompson will become a restricted free agent this summer around the same time James’ one-year contract will be up. Adrian Wojnarowski has more details on how the negotiations are going:

“So far, the Cavaliers have witnessed LeBron James, the businessman. As much as ever, the Cavs discovered that the opening week of the regular season in contract talks on forward Tristan Thompson, with the Oct. 31 deadline approaching for the draft class of 2011 rookie extensions looming. James’ agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, represents Thompson. […] Within the NBA, officials expected maybe $10 million a year, perhaps $12 million if Klutch wanted to push it. Well, they kept pushing it. Thompson turned down a $13 million-a-year extension offer – four-years, $52 million, league sources said.”

Wojnarowski went to reveal that James has plans to use his power to force the team to hire Mark Jackson and dump David Blatt.

The Cavaliers Thompson drama reveals how much influence James has on the franchise. What are your thoughts on Tristan Thompson’s tough stance?


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  1. FCA1975 says:

    Either he is fleeing the sinking ship, or his greed is clouding his judgment. Or maybe he just does not want to be a subject of the King James kingdom.

  2. arty120mm says:

    You guys are so unappreciative! Hey, McD is hiring, which is probably where most NBA’ers would end up????????

  3. Mary Merc says:

    Triston Thompson is a good NBA player, but NOT that good!!! Let him go and get somebody else!! A Cleveland Cavaliers fan!

  4. Sandra DeRidder says:

    I am not an avid sports fan and can’t spout off the stats, but 52 million? He is 23 years old. Most people will never make that much in a lifetime, several lifetimes, but he would make that in 4 years. I understand that professional athletes have a limited lifespan in their sport of choice, but seriously, 52 million? He may have Lebron James’s agent, but he is no Lebron James. Someone needs a reality check.

  5. Sherman Taylor says:

    F Him

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