Cate Blanchett Reporter Colorful Encounter: Australian Actress Loses Cool, Drops F-Bomb On Reporter Jonathan Hyla

March 27, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cate Blanchett asked a reporter: Is that really your f*cking question? He previously quizzed the actress about her great ability to keep a cat on a leash. Blanchett has made the Australian reporter named Jonathan Hyla, an overnight celebrity – which prompted him to thank her via social media.

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Cate Blanchett attacked a reporter by asking him to come up with a better question, and the story goes viral. On Wednesday, Blanchett looked very classy in a bright red and white collared dress as she sat down for an interview with Jonathan Hyla, a reporter from Australia’s Channel Ten, according to The Inquisitr.

Blanchett is currently promoting her latest Disney movie Cinderella where she plays the Evil Stepmother. The Los Angeles-based reporter named Jonathan Hyla got off on the wrong foot with Blanchett by telling her at the beginning of the interview that he should have brought few beers in order to break the ice.

Blanchett replied by saying that she is not a beer drinker and prefers vodka. Irritated by the reporter’s odd line of questioning, Blanchett tried to stir the conversation back to the movie by saying:

“Getting back to the movie at hand – one of us has got to do our job – the chemistry between them (Cinderella stars Lily James and Richard Madden) is amazing.”

She went on to add:

“They could push it over into an R-rating except they don’t really do anything. I mean they do so much, but they don’t “do” anything.”

The Australian TV reporter did come up with a very bizarre question for the actress by asking her: How did she manage to get the cat to stay on a leash? He asked:

“Okay, serious question, how were you able to get that cat to do what you wanted it to on a leash?. I tried to put my girlfriend’s cat on a leash, and it just never works for me.”

Baffled by the inquiry, Cate Blanchett answered with an epic F-bomb. She answered:

“That’s your question? That’s your f—king question?”

As the crew behind Blanchett laughed, she extended her hands and said, “nice to meet you.” Instead of shaking Cate Blanchett’s hand, the reporter tried to get a high five and failed, causing the people in the room to laugh some more.

Without answering the cat-related question, Blanchett walked out of the interview. A representative for the network said they were thrilled with the interview in a statement that read:

“We were delighted to learn that Hyla and Cate Blanchett share the same wicked sense of humor.It is one of the funniest interviews we have ever done. There was much laughter throughout the interview, and too much content to air in our allowed time.”

The headline “Cate Blanchett reporter scuffle” made Hyla very happy, because he recently tweeted:

“Thanks to my new favorite person Cate Blanchett for what might have been the best worst interview I’ve ever done. #WhyDoTheyLetMeInterviewOscarWinners #Vodka #Sex #HighFive #Cinderella @TheProjectTV.”

Was the Cate Blanchett reporter drama all a joke or was the mom of three really angered by the silly questions?


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