Cat Cora Marriage Ending: Celeb Chef And Jennifer Cora Are Getting A Divorce

November 13, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora, her wife of 17 years, are ending their marriage and by the looks of things, a nasty custody battle over their four sons might ensue. Celebrity chef Cora and her soon-to-be former wife have issued a statement saying that it was a mutual decision to go their separate ways.

Cat Cora

Cat Cora, of Iron Chef America fame, has announced that she is divorcing her wife, Jennifer Cora, after 17 years together. Jennifer and Cat Cora, who have been married since 2013, have four boys together.

Jennifer Cora welcomed Zoran, 11, Caje, 8, Thatcher, 6, while Cat Cora gave birth to Nash, 6 – all via in vitro fertilization. The star of Cutthroat Kitchen issued a statement explaining why she has decided to split from her wife, but they are committed to working together to raise their children. The chef said:

“It is with great sadness, that after 17 years, a tremendous amount work, careful consideration and heavy hearts, my wife and I have mutually decided to no longer remain married. In love, there is a season, a reason and a lifetime.”

The statement went on to say:

“Although this is not what we ever imagined, we will always have four incredible reasons to celebrate our years together: our sons. We are forever parents to our boys and are jointly committed to raising them in a peaceful, nurturing and healthy environment.”

According to TMZ, the women claimed that their marriage has “disintegrated” and it is likely that a custody battle will take place because they filed divorce documents on the same day and there is little agreement on where the children should live. Cat Cora is asking for joint physical custody, and Jennifer Cora is requesting full custody of their four sons.

Few years ago, the TV personality explained how difficult it can be for same-sex couples to have a family. She stated:

“The doctor implanted Jennifer and me with each other’s eggs. So she gave birth to Caje, but he’s my biological child. I carried Nash, but he’s Jennifer’s biological child. As a same-sex couple, we had to go back and legally adopt them. Even though Nash was her biological son, Jennifer had to adopt him. Same with me and Caje.”

In Cooking As Fast As I Can, Cora opened up about making it on television, her arrest for DUI and her child abuse. On her childhood abuse by a family friend, she shared:

“I’m a positive person…but my life hasn’t been easy at times. When that happens to you at such a young age, you really do feel like you’re alone in the world.”

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