Cassandra Rhines Remains ID’d: Minnesota Woman’s Remains Found In 2014 Linked To 30-Year-Old Missing Case

May 21, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Cassandra Rhines’ remains have been identified, and now police are asking the public for help to catch her killer. 19-year-old Cassandra Rhines, who was a prostitute, vanished in Minneapolis over 30 years ago, and her body was discovered in May 2014.

Cassandra Rhines remains

Cassandra Rhines‘ remains have been identified after countless DNA tests. In June of 1985, a 19-year-old woman named Cassandra Rhines vanished in Minneapolis, Minnesota after calling a pal to announce that she would be attending a gathering.

It is believed that Rhines, who was a prostitute and stripper, may have been killed by one of her clients or by the unnamed man she was living with at the time.

“Cassandra Rhines was last heard from in June 1985, when she called a friend to confirm her attendance at her goddaughter’s birthday party in Minneapolis the next day. She never showed, and was never heard from again,” Lake County Sheriff Carey Johnson said in a press conference.

In May of May 2014, Cassandra Rhines’ remains were found by an off-duty employee of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Gooseberry Falls State Park.

The officer was training a dog that dug up a human skull, and later on numerous bones were located in the remote area. “It’s a remote, heavily wooded area that visitors aren’t traveling to,” Johnson added. “We think it’s an area that was picked because of its remoteness.”

The remains were identified through DNA provided by Rhines’ sister. The St. Louis County Medical Examiner’s Office explained:

“A forensic anthropologist determined that Rhines had been the victim of homicide. We believe Rhines was killed near the time of her disappearance and was killed elsewhere, and then her body was left in the park.”

Authorities are asking anyone with the smallest information about Rhines to contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office or the BCA.

“Investigators need the public’s help to better understand who Cassandra Rhines knew and who may have sought to harm her,” BCA Assistant Superintendent Drew Evans said in a press conference. “The clearer picture we have of the time when she disappeared, the better chance we have of finding out who killed her.”

Evans revealed that Rhines lived in an apartment building at 2700 Grand Ave. S. in Minneapolis, near Whittier Park, and is pleading with former neighbors and acquaintances to call them with information that may help solve this case.

Cassandra Rhines’ remains have been identified, and now the search for answers begins.


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  1. keith goodman says:

    live such a life and this could be what happens for such

    • Kimmie says:

      Keith, and you are who to judge anyone? Did you walk in that young girl’s shoes? Do you know the circumstances of her life? Because she made choices that maybe were not the best she deserved for someone to take her life? Maybe you should spend more time working on your sentence structure and less time sounding like a smug, judgmental ass. Unless of course you have mastered that fine art of walking on water then my apologies.

      • keith goodman says:

        need to comprehend what was typed. all kind of dangerous characters out there. don’t know whom you are selling yourself too. did say she was a prostitute. maybe you should spend more time on reading and comprehending instead of being a jump to conclusion ass.

        • ItalianGuy78 says:

          Prostitute or not, it’s still not your responsibility to judge her, keith. She’s accountable to God, not you.

    • Roberta says:

      I see what you saying. And I don’t see it as a judgement call. Prostitution is risky behavior. A certain caliber of clientele harbor issues.

  2. unknown says:

    just because she lived that way didn’t mean she should die like that.. and everyone has a reason.. good or bad, for being where they are

    • keith goodman says:

      risk one takes doing such knowing all the crazies they are all up in here

      • Jai says:

        Mr. Keith I guess if you left a bar from drinking and someone killed you, I supposed that is what happens to someone that drinks? You are stupid man

  3. Roberta says:

    Glad her family now knows.

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