Carrier Mail Indictment: Man Indicted For Keeping Mail

July 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Carrier Mail Indictment

Mail carrier indictment revealed that he had stolen more than 13,000 pieces of mail from Ohio residents. After numerous complains were made to a post office in Ohio, authorities opened an investigation where it was discovered that mail carrier Charles E. Moore had stashed thousands of letters and parcels in his home between early 2012 and late 2013. The mail carrier’s indictment on charges of theft could lead to 5 years in prison.

A federal indictment against an Ohio mail carrier revealed that the man was a hoarder who might have been depressed due to the fact that the home he owned for 13 years was going into foreclosure.

In 2012 hundreds of people living in Clintonville and the northern University District area contacted the post office claiming that they had not received their mails or packages.

Special agents from the U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general’s office decided to investigate the matter and their findings were disturbing.

The agents rapidly found that the mail carrier named Charles Moore who was servicing that route was the one stealing the mail.

During a search in the postal carrier’s home, officials stumbled on over 13k of pieces of mail, packages, letters, post cards that were stashed in his garage, closets, bedroom and in freezers.

The 50-year-old man never opened the letters he stole, he simply decided not to deliver them and keep them in his home.

Two guns were seized from the house. It is believed that Moore stole the letters between January 2012, and July 2013.

Charles Moore who had been working with the Postal Service since 2006 was fired in 2013 after the shocking discovery was made.

Postal workers were supposed to deliver the thousands of unopened mail hidden by Moore, no one knows if they were able to keep their word.

If convicted, the mailman could end up serving 5 years in a federal prison.


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