Carmen Electra Galore Swimsuit Photos Are Stunning

July 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Carmen Electra Stuns At 42

Carmen Electra stuns in a series of swimsuit in Galore magazine at the age of 42. Electra is featured in Galore magazine’s summer issue in some risqué monokinis that show off her impressive body and her passion for hens and roosters.
Inside the mg the entertainer stated that she was single, talked about the man who discovered her Prince, her Baywatch character Leilani “Lani” McKenzie, her dream to work with Peaches and her upcoming movie Monica. Carmen Electra also shared beauty tips and confessed that she is obsessed with Bob Marley and Housewives shows.

Carmen Electra still stuns in a swimsuit at the age of 42, if you have any doubts take a look at her latest provocative photo spread in Galore magazine.

The Ohioan model turned singer turned actress worked with hairstylist Bobby Eliot and makeup artist Priscilla Ono on the shoot.

The Dirty Love actress showed off her endless legs and toned physique in a black cut out swimsuit which was paired with gladiator heels.

Electra posed in the playful swimwear on a rustic California road side (hitching a ride maybe) and in the back yard of a home where she bends over to feed hens and roosters.

The Get Over It star also opted for a yellow one piece with an eye pleasing neckline that put her cleavage in the spotlight.

She finished the look with her flowing blonde hair on her shoulders and fun animal print sunglasses.

The 42-year-old “Good Judy Girlfriend” singer posed in the sun bright bathing suit both laying down and standing up next to a swimming pool.

Inside the publication the “Everybody Get on Up” artist shared some unknown facts about herself. Here are few strange things that stood out.

She wanted to be a drummer, she eats a lot at night (with a body like that we doubt she is telling the truth) and was crowned Miss Dance Ohio.

The unforgettable Baywatch red swimsuit is at her Hollywood home and if you want to look youthful – stop stressing (easily said than done).

She would love to collaborate with Peaches and is die hard fan of Housewives of Atlanta.

She is working on new music and is currently filming the remake of the Bollywood movie Monica about a successful woman who was abused as a child and struggles to make her marriage work.

You can read Carmen Electra’s Galore magazine below.

Carmen Electra Galore


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