Carlton Ray Champion Jr. Charged: Football Player Carlton Ray Champion Jr. Faces Murder Charge In Transgender Woman Case

February 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Carlton Ray Champion Jr., a rising College star, has been charged with the death of Tyrone “Ty” Lee Underwood, a transgender woman whom he was apparently dating for several months. According to Texas police, Carlton Ray Champion Jr. shot numerous times claiming that he was shocked to learn that Ty Underwood was a man. But many of Underwood’s friends told authorities that Champion was fully aware that he was dating a male.

Ty Underwood Carlton Ray Champion Jr.

Carlton Ray Champion Jr., 21, is currently behind bars for his involvement in the death of his lover, a transgender woman named Tyrone Lee Underwood better known as Ty Underwood aka Tyra.

On January 26, at around 2:26 a.m., Texas authorities were called to the 400 block of West 24th Street. The unnamed person, who made the 911 call, reported a car accident and stated that they had heard numerous gunshots.

Police and emergency workers discovered the body of Ty Underwood in a red Toyota Camry. According to Officer Don Martin, several witnesses saw the vehicle striking a telephone pole and then hearing gunshots.

The investigation revealed that Carlton Ray Champion Jr. and Ty Underwood had exchanged countless text messages the night of the murder. The texts showed that the two men had plans to meet to have sex prior to the accident, but they got into a fight and Underwood ended the relationship. In one message, Underwood said:

“Carlton bro you saw me kiking you at 11:00 but you chose to be with whoever you was with and no you think you can just (expletive) with me when you want.”

When questioned by the police, Champion, who played football for Texas College, said that he had not spoken to Ty/Tyra Underwood for over 24 hours. When Champion was confronted about the inconsistencies in his interview, he became defensive and uncooperative.

Police have also obtained surveillance video that showed Champion leaving his campus dorm at 2:13 a.m. and returning around 2:27 a.m. with a camouflage jacket that was stained with blood.

An affidavit filed in support of the murder arrest warrant showed that Carlton Ray Champion Jr. became a suspect after Ty Underwood’s roommate, Kedrick Darks, told police that she was dating a man named “Carlton” for several weeks prior to her death.

Darks also told authorities that Underwood’s lover was a football player at Texas College. But Champion’s father, Carlton Ray Champion, told detectives that his son was shocked when he discovered that Underwood was really a man. The police wrote:

“[Champion’s father] stated that Carlton Jr. was meeting [Underwood] and thought [Underwood] was female. According to [Champion’s father], Carlton Jr. was supposed to get some type of sexual favor from [Underwood] but realized [Underwood] was a male.”

Police do not consider the murder as a hate crime because Underwood and Champion had been in a relationship. Champion is in the Gregg County jail being held on a one million dollar bond.


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    If this guy seriously in all no joke intended and I do want to stress this about being serious would have signed with Florida State they would get him off this charge and be turned loose and found not guilty. This would be a terrible but true

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