Camilla Parker Bowles Regret: Son Tom Parker Bowles Says Camilla Regrets Sending Him To Boarding School At 7

October 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Camilla Parker Bowles regrets sending her son, Tom Parker Bowles to boarding school. Tom Parker Bowles, who is now 39, recently revealed in an interview that his mother, Camilla has apologized for putting him in the Summer Fields prep school, where inappropriate things occurred.

Camilla Parker Bowles regret

Camilla Parker Bowles regrets shipping her son to Summer Fields. Tom Parker Bowles sat down with The Times for an interview, where he said that he recently talked to his mother about the horrors of boarding schools.

Mr Parker Bowles shared as he was getting ready celebrate his daughter, Lola’s 7th birthday, few memories from his own childhood resurfaced. At the age of 7, he was sent to Summer Fields Prep School in Oxford by Camilla Parker Bowles.

As they were preparing for Lola’s birthday celebration, the food critic told his mother:

“You sent me away eight months after this.”

Camilla told him that all of her life, she will regret that decision. The father of two shared:

“She slightly appalled, saying she’d never do it again. But it was the thing you did.”

Tom Parker Bowles confessed that he witnessed very inappropriate conduct at the boarding school, like one official getting naked and taking showers with the young students. Mr Parker Bowles explained:

“The school was a hotbed of all the sorts of things that are coming out now’, including one master who take a shower in the morning with the pupils.”

He opened up about the misconduct to his father, Lt Col Andrew Parker Bowles, who took no action and left him at the school.

Tom Parker Bowles has plans to send his son, Freddie to Eton College boarding school when he is 13. Tom later went to Eton, the same school as Princes, William and Harry, but had poor grades because he was busy, enjoying underage drinking and clubbing.

He was at Oxford in 1993, when he and the whole world learned about the Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles’ affair.

According to Tom Parker Bowles, his mother was destroyed for a brief period of time by some of the things that were written about her, but she is strong now.

Along with Camilla Parker Bowles’ regrets, he also spoke about her being a wonderful grandmother and her love of the iPad.


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  1. Victoria says:

    I could not even want to think what and the HELL Charles see’s in this UGLY women. He gave up beautiful Princess Diana for her? Do they not have eye doctors in England…Now that’s some scary stuff..

  2. MJC says:

    I believe you meant to type the word “woman”. Both love and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder. According to your namesake Victoria Mather, the British journalist who sat as a royal wedding commentator on MSNBC on the day the Prince of Wales married Camilla, the bride-to-be was “the only person in his life who has ever put him first.”
    We should not judge people by their appearance. It is not worthy of the human race. I realize that Diana was a beautiful woman; it was her greatest asset. Without that beauty, she would have been widely unpopular and unable to have so great an impact on the world. Camilla has made the future King happy. This is something that the Princess of Wales, who was only beautiful on the outside (at least where the Royal Family was concerned), was unable to do. According to Sarah Bradford one of her more sympathetic biographers (Diana, 2006), the Princess never stopped reminding Charles that the public wanted to see her, not him. The Prince was quick to remind her that the reason why was because he had married her. Hopefully William and Kate will not have an unhappy marriage because the public believes all of this tabloid garbage.

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